ARTOTELGroup (AG) in collaboration with the Talent Strategist Network (TSN) and the Trisakti College of Tourism (STP) launched the ARTOTELGroup Learning Center (AGLC), a learning and development division for professionals in the hotel and tourism industry.

According to Eduard Rudolf Pangkerego, Chief Operating Officer of AG at the inauguration of the ARTOTELGroup Learning Center, on Wednesday, (03/27), 2024 at STP Trisaksi, Bintaro, South Jakarta, said as the leading hotel operator company in Indonesia, ARTOTELGroup always strives to present new breakthroughs in advancing the Indonesian hospitality and tourism industry.

“Not only in the form of adding hotel properties, ARTOTELGroup is also now taking part in developing human resources through education and training, especially in the hospitality and tourism sector. In collaboration with the Talent Strategist Network (TSN) and the Trisakti College of Tourism (STP), AGLC’s presence aims to provide the widest opportunities for all parties, both ARTOTELGroup employees and general professionals, who want to gain the latest knowledge or knowledge in the field of hospitality and tourism,” he said.

Eduard explained, knowledge both in terms of soft skills and hard skills with a certification program so that they can continue to improve their competence in the Indonesian and international tourism industry.

“For this reason, we express our deepest appreciation to the STP Trisakti, and the Talent Strategist Network (TSN), in realizing the ideals of ARTOTELGroup, seeing the huge potential of Indonesian tourism and in line with government programs that focus on development tourism to be able to compete with foreign tourism, it is important for us to contribute by producing competitive and competent professionals in field,” he added.

Meanwhile, Alexander Nayoan, Head (Dean) of the ARTOTELGroup Learning Center Division, said that several learning programs were presented, including certification, leadership development, technical competency, and focus group discussions, which were held offline and online.

“If we look at the vision and mission of AGLC, namely, to be the Premier Hospitality Learning Center in Indonesia, Focusing on Empowerment, Innovation Service Excellence and its mission as Empowerment Through Education, Integration of Local Traditions and Artful Experiences and Commitment to Industry Excellence and Innovation, so we are ready to compete with others,” he remarked.

Alex added, because all of this is due to the massive development of ARTOTELGroup which currently manages 104 properties spread throughout Indonesia. So, what we want is for employees to have certified competency skills so that they become professionals who can support the overall progress of the company.

Likewise, Fetty Asmaniati, Head of STP Trisakti, on this occasion expressed her gratitude for the collaboration between ARTOTELGroup, Talent Strategist Network (TSN) and Trisakti College of Tourism (STP) in launching the ARTOTELGroup Learning Center on our campus.

“It cannot be denied that in producing strong tourism human resources, STP Trisakti must embrace each other; the campus and industry must be in harmony with each other. If this collaboration can work, I’m sure link and match can occur,” Fetty noted.

She explained that in realizing this link and match, namely collaboration between educational institutions and industry, it is hoped that in the future the ARTOTELGroup Learning Center can become a research and innovation center, becoming a bridge between the world of education and the world of industry.

STP Trisakti, Fetty concluded that as a college that has been active for 53 years to produce the best graduates in the field of tourism. With superior of UNWTO accreditation achieved, STP Trisakti continues to strive to be the best college, not only in Indonesia, but also internationally, especially in the tourism sector.

The academic team that will lead the running of the AGLC consists of Alexander Nayoan, as Head of ARTOTELGroup Learning Center Division, Rekke Juwita, S. Sos, CPR, CCMP as Director AGLC, as well as teaching staff from STP Trisakti and senior professionals’ Indonesian tourism. []