ONE of the biggest annual fashion events in Indonesia is “Indonesia Fashion Week 2024” which is expected to be able to strengthen the country’s fashion ecosystem.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in the “Opening Indonesia Fashion Week 2024” which took place at the Jakarta Convention Center, Wednesday (03/27), 2024 explained that the contribution of fashion in Indonesia is 17.6% of the total added value of the creative economy to the economy. Indonesia, namely IDR225 trillion. In fact, the number of jobs created by the fashion sector has reached 17% of the total 25 million jobs contributed by the creative economy sector. And the largest contribution of export value in the creative economy sector is fashion with a total of US$16.5 billion in 2022.

“So, I really appreciate Indonesia Fashion Week which always highlights the beauty of Indonesian literature and at the same time becomes a platform for strengthening the position of Indonesian fashion both domestically and in the eyes of the world,” said Sandiaga.

He explained, let’s encourage creative economy players to focus on improving product quality and can bring success towards a Golden Indonesia 2045. Indonesia Fashion Week 2024 will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center, starting from 27-31 March 2024, featuring 300 fashion designers, 18 fashion show slots, 400 booths, exhibitors, talk shows, trunk shows, and also various culinary delights.

In its implementation, Indonesia Fashion Week, which was initiated by the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs (APPMI), received support from various parties starting from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Trade, and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

The theme for the 11th Indonesia Fashion Week is ‘Langgam Jakarta Teranyam’ or Langgam Jakarta Woven”. Where the culture and tourism literature of DKI Jakarta Province is raised and poured into fashion works.

‘Langgam Jakarta Teranyam‘ provides a kaleidoscope of Betawi culture that captures the essence of unity in diversity through a fashion lens depicted by a combination of Malay, Chinese, Arab and European history and traditions.

Meanwhile, the President of Indonesia Fashion Week, Poppy Dharsono, said that since its initial implementation, Indonesia Fashion Week has become the main platform that showcases the best work from the Indonesian fashion industry.

“We are proud to present a variety of amazing works from stakeholders in the fashion world. Starting from cultural heritage handicrafts, such as ikat batik, lurik, songket, embroidery, to exclusive materials such as leather, gold and silver jewelry, pearls, bags, shoes, beauty products, and others,” said Poppy.

According to Poppy, Indonesia Fashion Week is not just an exhibition but also a celebration of creativity from crafts to fashion products. Apart from being a medium for promotion, branding, recognition and network expansion.

“Let’s make Indonesia Fashion Week a beacon of inspiration, encourage growth and ignite a spirit of collaboration in this industry,” concluded Poppy. []