PELITA AIR has prepared 273,000 flight seats during the 2024 Eid transport period from 3 to 18 April 2024.

Pelita Air Service President Director, Dendy Kurniawan said this was done to support the smooth running of Eid 2024 transportation, which is predicted by the Ministry of Transportation to experience an increase in passengers of 12% compared to 2023.

“Pelita Air is ready to support and make the smooth running of safe, secure and comfortable Eid transportation this year by carrying out several strategic efforts,” he said in a written statement, recently.

One of the strategic efforts made is to provide 273,000 flight seats in the Eid 2024 transportation period. This figure is an increase of 11% compared to the regular period schedule with a total of more than 1,500 flights in this period or an increase of 19% compared to the average flight in previous months.

This is done to increase the availability of flight seats and provide the public with flight options that prioritize safety, security and comfort, as well as being timely during the Eid holiday period where an increase in passenger traffic will occur.

“It is hoped that this increase in flight capacity can also help keep flight ticket prices affordable for people who want to go home or go on holiday during this long Eid holiday period,” he said.

This increase in flight capacity is accompanied by an increase in flight frequency on the Balikpapan-Surabaya route starting April 3 2024, additional flights (extra flights) on the Jakarta-Padang-Jakarta route, the Jakarta-Denpasar-Denpasar route and the Jakarta-Yogyakarta-Jakarta route.

Apart from that, Pelita Air will also add new routes during this Eid transport period, namely the Jakarta-Aceh-Jakarta and Jakarta-Kendari-Jakarta routes.

In anticipating an increase in passengers during the Eid 2024 transport period, Pelita Air is supported by trained and professional operational and service officers who uphold the principles of safety, security, services and compliance (3S 1C) so that they are expected to be alert in dealing with all conditions and situations in the field. [sources/photo special]