PT ANGKASA Pura I said that Dhoho Kediri International Airport, which is located in Kediri Regency, East Java, is ready to serve flights.

“Dhoho Airport is 100% ready to serve flights, and it was proven yesterday that three private jet aircraft took off and landed here,” said General Manager of Angkasa Pura I Dhoho Kediri International Airport I Nyoman Noer Rohim in Kediri, Saturday (03/ 30), 2024.

He explained that the licensing process was still in progress for regular flights, including arranging aircraft rotation for airlines that had obtained route permits. For airlines that have obtained route permits, namely Batik Air and Super Air Jet. They are still in the process of arranging the plane.

Meanwhile, Head of the Kediri Regency Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Department, Irwan Chandra, said that work on toll road access near the airport was also continuing. Before the toll road can be passed, supporting access to the airport which the government had previously accelerated has been completed and can be passed while the toll road has not been completed.

“The road access starts from Jalan Nganjuk-Kediri, Jalan Tulungagung-Kediri via Mojo District, Jalan Java and Jalan PB Sudirman. Currently the Jongbiru Bridge is not (completed),” said Irwan Chandra.

Likewise, Acting Governor of East Java Adhy Karyono visited Dhoho Kediri International Airport, Saturday. He was accompanied by the Regent of Kediri Hanindhito Himawan Pramana.

During his visit, Acting Governor Adhy Karyono was also welcomed by the Director of PT Surya Dhoho Investama (SDHI) Maksin Arisandi, including from Angkasa Pura I.

Acting Governor Adhy Karyono also said that the readiness of Dhoho Kediri Airport was 100%. I see that the airport is all ready, it is 100%. We try to operate as soon as possible. If we want the return date to be April 5-6 2024, hopefully.

He added that currently the airport permit issue has also been resolved. Apart from that, the infrastructure is also 100% complete. Facilities at these locations are also available.

Dhoho Kediri Airport is the first airport in Indonesia to be built using a government and business entity cooperation (KPBU) scheme, the construction of which was carried out by PT Gudang Garam (GGRM) through its subsidiary PT Surya Dhoho Investama (SDHI) with a value of IDR1 trillion. The total capital injected by GGRM into SDHI reached IDR14 trillion.

This airport has a runway of 3,300 x 60 meters, a commercial apron of 548 x 141 meters, a VIP apron of 221 x 97 meters, four taxiways or aircraft transfer routes stretching 306 meters x 32 meters and 438 meters x 32 meters, and a parking area of 37,108 meters. square meter.

On the land side, this airport has an 18,224-square-meter passenger terminal with a capacity of 1.5 million passengers per year. Apart from serving international flights, this airport also serves Hajj and Umrah. [sources/photo special]