THE HIGH movement of the community during the moment of homecoming and the Lebaran holiday this year had a big impact on the tourism and creative economy industry including micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as well as tourism villages in encouraging economic improvement and the creation of business and employment opportunities.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in his statement, Friday (04/12), 2024, said that homecoming and Lebaran holiday this year would be very different from previous years because it had entered the postpandemi so that there were no more restrictions on community activities.

“Based on the survey results, there is a trend in increasing the potential movement of the community. The movement of the community in the Eid holiday this year is estimated to reach 193.6 million people. This figure increased compared to last year’s Eid of 123.8 million people,” he said.

Increasing the movement of the community to travel at the Moment of Lebaran 2024 was also supported by a number of other factors. Namely a longer joint leave holiday than in 2023 and the annual leave permit policy for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) for the 2024 Lebaran holiday. Tourism Ministry has conducted a study that projects economic turnover in the tourism and creative economy sector will reach Rp276.11 trillion.

“But this increases almost 50% (projection of community movements) compared to last year, so I predict the higher number (economic turnover) of around IDR350 trillion to IDR400 trillion,” Sandiaga remarked.

He ensured that the large number would flow to tourism actors and creative economies directly in various regions of the country. This is a blessing that will encourage economic improvement and the creation of business opportunities and employment for the community.

“The abundance will go to tourist destinations, as well as to the creative economy center. Including the small medium enterprises (SMEs) and tourist villages. So, let us together prepare for this safe and comfortable and fun tourism we can realize during Eid,” Sandiaga noted.

Based on monitoring conducted by Kemenparekraf, monitored tourist visits to a number of destinations in the Eid holiday continue to increase. As in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), the number of visits reached 12 thousand one day after Eid. The number is expected to continue to increase in the following days.

Not only in tourist destinations, the occupancy rate of hotels and restaurants in a number of areas is also predicted to rise between 80 or even up to 100%. The average length of stay is between 1 to 2 nights. While tourists from outside the province can reach 4 nights.

For this reason, Sandiaga invites all tourism and creative economies to make preparations well in welcoming tourists. Previously, Menparekraf had also issued a circular on the implementation of safe, comfortable, and enjoyable tourism activities during the homecoming holiday and Eid al -Fitr 1445 H to all local governments (province, district, city) and all tourism businesses.

“From my visit in several places in West Java and from a field visit in Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Banten, all in conditions are ready. We just need to make sure later with monitoring from our national tourism system,” Sandiaga added.

Alternative Destination
From the number of community movements in the moment of going home and Eid holidays this year, the use of private cars is still one of the favorites. The amount is estimated at around 18.3%. Of the 28.4 million travelers from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jabodetabek), as many as 31.37% or 11.10 million travelers will cross the Transjawa toll road towards Central Java.

Not only in the Transjawa Toll Road, the Trans Sumatra toll road is also packed with vehicles that pass where the number increases 50% compared to normal days. Minister Sandiaga appealed to the public to be able to do time management well, especially when choosing time to rest.

“Travelers can stop first by resting either in the toll rest area, resting places outside the toll road, or replaced by a backup driver,” said Sandiaga.

The community, said Sandiaga, can also visit various tourist attractions around the toll road as an alternative destination. Like the Cengklik Reservoir whose distance is only about 9 minutes from the Adi Soemarmo Toll Gate or Penggaron Wisata Wisa Wanana which is only about 10 minutes from the Ungaran Toll Exit.

“Before arriving at the main destination, tourists can rest while enjoying a destination. Collaborating with Jasa Marga, Tourism Ministry presents banners placed in the toll road rest area that contains tourist destination information and archipelago tourism packages,” he concluded. []