A TOTAL of 10 hotels in the Nusa Dua area, Badung Regency, Bali will provide accommodation for VIP and VVIP state guests attending the 10th World Water Forum on May 18-25, 2024.

“To date, there are seven hotels for VVIP guests and three hotels for VIP guests and delegates,” said PT Indonesian Tourism Development (ITDC) General Manager I Made Agus Dwiatmika in Nusa Dua, Badung Regency, Bali, recently.

All confirmed hotels, he continued, are improving the readiness of their facilities and security systems, including scanning or X-ray machines and security inspection portals or doors.

The Nusa Dua area has a total of approximately 5,485 rooms in 22 five-star hotels and luxury villas, with meeting facilities that can accommodate approximately 21,000 delegates.

Apart from the hotels, the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) and the Bali International Convention Center (BICC), the main venues for the 10th World Water Forum, also have dedicated meeting facilities.

He added that the BICC will be the venue for the Heads of State meeting scheduled for May 20-21, 2024. The event will be followed by a meeting of those responsible for political, thematic and regional processes, as well as a bilateral meeting of several heads of state on water issues.

Meanwhile, the BNDCC building, the BICC and the Bali Collection Nusa Dua shopping mall, as well as Kuta Beach, will also host the opening of the exhibition on May 20-25, 2024. A cultural parade will also be held in the Nusa Dua area on May 20, 2024 at 17.00 – 18.00 WITA.

“The cultural parade will feature various art and cultural attractions that will fascinate the delegates and add a local touch to the event,” he said.

Meanwhile, from a security perspective, ITDC also has a Control Center or Command Center which provides modern facilities to ensure security and efficient coordination during the 10th World Water Forum.

The facility is equipped with integrated surveillance cameras (CCTV), television monitors, integrated radio communications, information system links with BMKG and BNPB in the form of early warning systems for tsunamis, earthquakes and extreme weather conditions.

In addition, the ITDC security unit, which has been strengthened with a security system, has deployed K9 sniffer dogs, firefighting units and area patrols.

“Through cooperation and innovation, we hope to make a positive contribution to the future of the earth,” he concluded. []