THE 10th World Water Forum or International Water Sector Forum will soon be held in Bali on May 18-25, 2024, and the Indonesian government, including the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, continues to work together to provide full support to make this event a success.

“The 10th World Water Forum event is eagerly awaited by at least 50 thousand participants. And we will prepare the Indonesia Pavilion at the Expo World Water Forum 2024,” said the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in “The Weekly Brief with Sandi Uno”, Monday (05/6), 2024.

Minister Sandiaga explained that in the Indonesia Pavilion, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy provides various interesting attractions, starting from the content and activation of a game called “Lokapala” by Anantarupa, which highlights culture and folklore that is very strong with elements of local Indonesian wisdom.

Then, Virtual Reality (VR) participatory activities with Indonesian tourism content, especially the Penglipuran Tourism Village, in collaboration with Go Virtual. Furthermore, calculating the potential environmental impact of implementing the World Water Forum 2024 activities through carbon footprint in collaboration with There are also sales of low carbon/climate positive/regenerative tourism packages in collaboration with Sejiva responsible tour operator.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy provides a planogram for the sale of curated creative economy Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) products, as well as the provision of Wonderful Indonesia souvenirs and goodie bags.

“We also facilitate and provide information content on UNESCO Global Geoparks that already exist in Indonesia, which we compare to sustainable tourism villages,” said Sandiaga.

Apart from the presence of the Indonesia Pavilion, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is also offering a Melukat (Water Civilization Experience from Quantum Temple) tour package at Tirta Empul Temple, which is full of local wisdom, to the delegates of the 2024 World Water Forum.

“And together with the Bali Provincial Government and the PUPR Ministry, we will hold the 2024 World Water Forum Cultural Parade,” Sandiaga concluded. []