THE FRONT man of the legendary music group The Beatles, Paul McCartney, has become the first musician from England to become a billionaire. According to the annual ranking of the Sunday Times Rich List, the total wealth of Paul and his wife Nancy Shevell has reached 1 billion pounds sterling, or about IDR20 trillion, as quoted by the Independent on Sunday (05/19), 2024.

The 81-year-old musician has seen his wealth increase by 50 million pounds (IDR1 trillion) thanks to a series of concerts on the Got Back tour in 2023. royalties from the cover of the song “Blackbird” sung by Beyonce on her latest album “Cowboy Carter”.

Some time ago, Paul revealed he had a conversation with Beyoncé where he said the singer thanked him for writing the song “Blackbird”.

“I told him the fun was mine and I thought he did a cool version of the song,” Paul said.

It is known that last year the two compilation albums of The Beatles, namely “The Red Album” and “The Blue Album”, were re-released with the addition of 21 new songs. In the same year, the band from Liverpool also released the song “Now And Then”, which is said to be The Beatles’ last song.

The song, which reached number one on the British charts, was written by John Lennon in the late 1970s and then recorded by his bandmates. The song “Now And Then” was finally recorded by the remaining members of The Beatles, namely Paul and Ringo Starr, after several decades thanks to audio restoration technology.

Apart from Paul, the author of the novel “Harry Potter” JK Rowling is also ranked by the Sunday Times with a total wealth of 945 million pounds sterling (IDR19.1 trillion). It is known that the 58-year-old author donated 17.9 million pounds (IDR361 billion) to children and women last year.

Then, singer Elton John, who is worth 470 million pounds sterling (IDR9.5 trillion), also donated 26.6 million pounds sterling (IDR537.8 billion) over a period of one year for various fields ranging from HIV/AIDS, health, humanity to art. [antaranews/photo special]