THE 17th Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) in Bali not only aims to bring together international film industry players, but also makes Sanur the center of the global film and entertainment industry.

Founder and Director of Balinale, Deborah Gabinetti, in Denpasar, Bali on Saturday (06/1), 2024 said that Balinale recognizes the importance of promoting Indonesia’s film industry, arts and culture through local stories and encouraging the growth of the local creative industry, which is centered in Sanur, Denpasar City. The most important aspect of organizing Balinale is supporting both novice and established filmmakers through training programs and knowledge sharing.

“It is very interesting that Indonesia has extraordinary potential in the creative industry, so we are full of talent. This kind of festival actually provides an opportunity for beginners and professionals to be seen by the world. This year’s 17th Balinale event focused on highlighting the diversity of Indonesian and international independent films,” said Deborah.

Debora wants Indonesian producers and directors, as well as young Indonesian talents working in the film industry, to have new references and not just stick to references like Hollywood.

“The world has a way to explain humanity in different ways, including cinematography with new trends, there is a very dramatic cinematography approach style, animation, technology and many references,” she remarked.

This year’s Bali International Film Festival is supported by two ministries, namely the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

Meanwhile, Director of Music, Film and Animation, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, M. Amin Abdullah, who was present at the occasion, said that holding Balinale in Sanur this year is a meeting place for creative film industry workers to promote Indonesian cinema.

He said that Balinale has the specifications to bring together industry players from various creative industry workers in the world and become a driving force to promote tourism and create new jobs for many people, as well as produce new perspectives for creative industry workers in the country.

“Balinale will have a direct and indirect impact on Bali. I see that Balinale has IP (intellectual property/copyright and intellectual property) that can produce derivative products,” he noted.

Balinale will take place from June 1-7, 2024 at Cinepolis Plaza Renon, Denpasar, which is supporting the festival program together with InterContinental Bali Sanur Resort. This year’s event promises to continue the tradition of enlightening minds and opening hearts through a selection of 60 films of various genres from 25 countries. Of the 60 films, 45 are world premieres.

The Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) was founded in 2007 by the Bali Film Center (BFC), a private company that has been providing professional services and support for film and television production in Indonesia since 2002.

Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) is internationally recognized for the diversity of its programming and the power of its film program in driving cultural growth and commercial value in Indonesia.

Some of these movies include: (1). Point of Change Rebecca Coley, United Kingdom, (2). Othelo, The Great Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos, Brazil, (3). The Gospel of the Beast Sheron Dayoc, Philippines, (4). Daaaaaali! Quentin Dupieux, France, (5). And That’s For This Christmas Peter Vulchev, Bulgaria, (6). The steak Kiarash Dagar Mohebi, Iran, (7). Dhvani – The Sound Around Anurag Dwivedi, India, (8). I’m Hip John Edward Musker, USA, (9). The Architecture of Love Teddy Soeriaatmadja, Indonesia. [antaranews]