THE INDONESIAN Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy appreciates the film “Harta, Tahta, Boru Ni Raja”, which showcases Batak culture and the allure of Lake Toba.

Ministry’s Senior Expert Staff, Nia Niscaya, in ‘The Weekly Brief with Sandi Uno’ on Monday (7/01), 2024, expressed hope that films made by local filmmakers will take natural, cultural, and native Indonesian diversity as backgrounds. She believes this could be a valuable promotional tool for the development of tourism in the country.

“This is important because films have indirect marketing value and there have been many successful destinations with visitors because of films,” said Nia.

Meanwhile, the President Director of BPODT, Jimmy Bernando Panjaitan, clarified that the film “Harta, Tahta, Boru Ni Raja” was a production of PIM Pictures in collaboration with the Lake Toba Authority Implementing Agency (BPODT).

“This is a commercial film with a backdrop of picturesque locales on Lake Toba, which are poised for extensive promotion. These include the Caldera, the Mayjend D.I Panjaitan Museum, a tourist village as part of our joint program, and the new phinisi ship on Lake Toba,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy is optimistic that the film “Harta, Tahta, Boru Ni Raja” will help to promote Lake Toba as a destination offering a diverse range of tourist attractions to domestic and international markets.

Likewise, the CEO of PIM Pictures, Agustinus Sitorus, stated that “Harta, Tahta, Boru Ni Raja” chronicles the experiences of Jerry Tan (Panjaitan), whose thesis title was consistently rejected by the lecturer. As a result, he graduated last among his three friends, Elin, Aliya, and Hendro, who had graduated from college earlier.

After receiving suggestions from colleagues, Jerry’s thesis title was accepted and discussed the history of the national figure D.I Panjaitan. To research his thesis, Jerry had to visit his yard in Balige for the first time, accompanied by three colleagues.

“This romantic comedy genre film also depicts local wisdom and the realities of life in the Lake Toba area. Upon returning home, he was able to complete his thesis and resolve his internal conflict. Please watch it on July 11, 2024, in the cinema,” concluded Agustinus. []