THE RESULTS of the survey indicate that vacationing out of town is more popular than staying at home or in nearby areas. A survey conducted by the accommodation service platform RedDoorz has revealed that vacationing out of town is more popular than stayingcations, spending holidays at home or in areas close to home.

The company’s press release in Jakarta on Friday revealed that 75.9% of respondents preferred to go on holiday outside the city, while 24.1% chose a staycation during this year’s school holidays. The survey revealed that the primary motivations for choosing to vacation outside the city are to explore new places (75%), gain new experiences (63.3%), and embark on an adventure (35%).

“The holiday period is an ideal opportunity to explore new places, seek a different atmosphere from everyday life, and engage in activities that align with one’s interests, including enjoying nature. This is why I prefer vacations outside the city,” said travel influencer Adha Tora Karyana.

The survey revealed that activities people enjoy on holiday outside the city include sightseeing (71%), culinary tours (65%), and adventure activities (45%). As with previous RedDoorz survey results, the cities of Yogyakarta, Bandung, and Bali continue to be favored destinations for tourists due to their cultural and natural attractions.

The reasons why people choose a staycation or vacation in the city during the holidays include the following: it is more economical, the preparation and travel time is shorter, it is comfortable, and it is close to shopping centers. The survey results indicated that 68% of respondents intend to spend a holiday with their family in the near future.

The majority of respondents (71%) were millennials (aged 26-45 years) who were married with children. Approximately 38% of Gen Z (aged 18-25 years) opt for family vacations, while the remaining 62% choose to vacation with friends or alone.

The survey revealed that activities of interest to travelers to the city include sampling local culinary delights (73.7%), exploring the sights (47.4%), and enjoying hotel facilities (42%). The survey results indicated that 59% of respondents had prepared for their vacation by researching references from social media and the internet, finding accommodations, and budgeting for their vacation.

The survey results indicate that 39% of respondents set aside between IDR1 million and IDR3 million for a vacation, while 21.5% of respondents allocated more than IDR5 million. Data from the Central Statistics Agency shows that on average, local tourists spend IDR2.57 million per trip, with the largest expenditure allocation (22.8%) for accommodation. [sources/photo special]