THE INDONESIAN government designated Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit in West Nusa Tenggara as a special customs area to support logistics for the MotoGP Indonesia 2024 and goods required for Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ) activities.

“All goods entering from other countries will be included in the data by the system. The office will support the logistics flow for the MotoGP Indonesia 2024 at the circuit,” said I Made Aryana, the Mataram Customs and Excise Office Head, in a statement on Thursday (07/5), 2024.

Aryana stated that all goods entering from other countries will be closely monitored by the office’s IT Inventory System to prevent unauthorized entry or exit.

Meanwhile Troy Warokka, chairman of the MotoGP Indonesia 2024, echoed his team’s commitment to ensuring smooth logistics for the racing event at the Mandalika SEZ.

“With full support from Mataram Customs and Excise, which provides convenience in the process of importing goods and conducts strict supervision, we are confident that all logistics needs for this event will be met on time,” he remarked.

Troy added that Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit received free import duties and zero tax for logistics that will be used in the MotoGP event. This is one of the benefits obtained by business actors in this SEZ.

Logistics will be sent by air freight and sea freight to the Mandalika SEZ before going through the SEZ customs notification process.

The Mataram customs office will physically check goods in sealed condition at the circuit after the race. It will also carry out the process of re-inspecting logistics goods before being sent to the destination country for the next race.

The MotoGP Indonesia 2024, also known as the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia, will be held on September 27-29, 2024. [antaranews/photo special]