SANDIAGA Uno after handing over his position with Wishutama Kusubandio as Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy at the Tourism Ministry’s, Susilo Soedarman Hall, Jakarta, Wednesday (23/12) admitted that he would accelerate the recovery of tourism and the creative economy.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy, said I also revealed that I would carry out three main ideas for Indonesian tourism. Our three main ideas are innovation, because we have to move quickly under the direction of the president and the vice president in one year there must be a ‘quick win’.

“There must be a fundamental change when we clean up the five super priority destinations. So we have to innovate. starting from the clothes, the dances, 360 degrees. The innovation was carried out in terms of infrastructure and everything related to tourism and the creative economy, culinary, ‘fashion’, and others,” he said.

He continued that the second, adaptation. We must adapt to the current situation, namely COVID-19. One of the ‘CHSEs’ we must ensure is a prerequisite for the revival of this sector. CHSE is Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment (environmentally friendly) which Wishnutama had previously expressed.

“Finally, collaboration. We have to hold all parties together because this is a tough task, we must be concerned about the millions of jobs that are affected in the tourism sector and the creative economy. And I also admitted that I would fight to maintain and develop empowerment,” he noted.

Sandiaga explained so that we can open the widest possible employment opportunities and maintain the level of income and welfare of the community, especially in the tourism sector and the creative economy.

He added, I would implement an innovation strategy using big data technology to work on and revive the tourism sector and the creative economy affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Strategies that may be adopted are innovation strategies using technology, using big data approaches, current approaches to map both potential and strengthening aspects.

“That by adopting the intended strategy, players in the tourism sector and the creative economy can certainly survive amid the pandemic. However, the defenses that are owned are also not only survive. Not only survive, but also thrive, survive and thrive, survive and seize the opportunity to be a winner. Innovation strategy,” he stated.

He believes it is important for all parties to always put health and safety first, in every tourism destination and in every line of the creative economy.

“We will collaborate with all parties, governments, institutions, central government, local governments, provincial governments, city governments, district governments, academics, universities, as well as the community, and the business world. I will also collaborate with industry players who are members of the association including Kadin, HIPMI, PHRI, and all related associations in the tourism sector, which I calls very important,” Sandiaga Uno concluded. [source/photo traveltext]