TRAVELING in nature is predicted to be a new trend of traveling during a pandemic, where in addition to the trend of staycation, later traveling in nature such as adventure, visiting geo sites, healing therapy, and outdoor activities is also predicted to be the next trend.

According to the Regional I Area I Tourism Marketing Coordinator of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Taufik Nurhidayat said we previously invited experts and experts in the field of tourism to a group discussion, where besides the staycation trend, later natural tourism such as adventure, visiting geo sites, healing therapy, and outdoor activities are also predicted to become trends in the future.

“I hope that tourism actors in Indonesia can also see this trend and prepare for it. The hope is that there, friends who do tourism can see this trend. If the direction is there, what will be prepared, because tourists also choose safety,” he said.

Furthermore, Taufik said that currently, the Ministry of Tourism and actors in the tourism sector and creative economy have started to take various moves to revive tourism in the country, one of which is by encouraging people to travel to tourist places close to where they live for vacation or while working (staycation and workcation).

“There is a breakthrough in how we move. Now we are more engaged in moving around, or the familiarity of staycation. How can we, in the pandemic era, continue to carry out promotions, marketing and movement. Experts and experts say, in this first phase, staycation, or traveling in nearby places,”  Taufik noted.

For example, he continued a staycation like in a hotel, but how can visitors still carry out other activities such as working from there (workcation) or other activities. In the future, destinations/hotels can provide a place to work as well as a means of traveling, of course by setting health protocols.

Apart from staycations and workcations, going on a road trip with your family has also become a trend of traveling that is becoming increasingly familiar during a pandemic.

Taufik assessed that road trips are quite attractive to families because they do not have to be in a large group, and only be in their family circle, which is considered safe for each other. Not only that, traveling alone is also predicted to become a trend in traveling in the near future.

“The pattern of travel will also change, from initially in groups to more towards FIT or free individual traveling. Or if you are together, usually with family, doing road trips in one car,” he explained.

Taufik hopes that the new movement to travel in the midst of a pandemic can encourage the three cores of tourism, namely movement, length of stay, and the occurrence of transactions (spending) for : Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) players around tourist attractions.

“The hope is that MSMEs will have started selling. Because the essence of tourism is the first movement, the second is the length of stay, and the third is spending. MSMEs that sell souvenirs and others around them will be lifted,” Taufik added.

He concluded that the point is how we can move tourists, move the regional economy, of course, by still implementing strict health protocols, so that there will be no transmission of COVID-19 and new cluster. [antaranews/photo special]