CREATIVE economy entrepreneurs (ekraf) are asked to use the emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) period as a moment to improve and evaluate the values ​​contained in the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) standards.

According to Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno recently said that in the next two weeks, the tourism and creative economy actors, we asked to increase their compliance with the CHSE.

“In terms of cleanliness, he gave an example from the culinary industry, at least those who have not used protective equipment such as gloves or faceshields during the emergency PPKM period can complete their shortcomings,” he said.

He explained that this was to increase the customer’s sense of trust in the cleanliness of the culinary industry players in the midst of the importance of maintaining this health condition. Then in terms of health, the tourism & creative economy players are asked to maintain the condition of the body in prime condition.

“In addition, they are also asked to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination program so that they can have antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This is an order from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, all of you must be vaccinated, don’t be picky about what vaccine,” Sandiaga underlined.

For Gofood partners, Minister Sandiaga continued, I even planned to coordinate with Gojek to facilitate the provision of COVID-19 vaccinations to Gofood partners.

Regarding the safety element, it is hoped that the implementation of health protocols can be maintained properly starting from the use of two layers of masks, diligently washing hands when going to activities, to maintaining distance and avoiding crowds.

Finally, in terms of environmental sustainability, Minister Sandiaga hopes that creative economy activists can use innovations that are more environmentally friendly to maintain the sustainability of ecosystems in nature which are currently experiencing global warming.

If you take the culinary industry, Sandiaga hopes that the use of plastic can be minimized. Another example is to produce using renewable energy or maintain clean water to ensure that creative economy activists in Indonesia also have an awareness of their responsibility to maintain natural conditions.

“Indeed, this condition is very difficult, it is difficult but of course we support this policy 100%. We believe that in order to rise and recover from an economic perspective, we must suppress the number of COVID-19,” he concluded. []