TOURISM has not yet recovered, but it is starting to stretch because some people want to go back for walks in private vehicles which they feel are safer. The holiday trend that is expected to continue this year is short-distance tours that can be reached by private vehicles.

If Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Cirebon are among the places you want to go right now, take a look at the following destination recommendations;

Sunyaragi Cave Tourism Park, Cirebon
Visiting historical sites can be a very pleasant thing, especially at the Sunyaragi Cirebon Cave Tourism Park which presents architectural art from the 17th century.

This location was once a place used by the sultans to meditate and set up a strategy of resistance against Dutch colonialism. A visit to Sunyaragi Cave will provide an experience that will further enrich knowledge about Indonesian history.

Tanjung Kesirat Tourism, Yogyakarta
Unlike beach tourism in general, Tanjung Kesirat Tourism which is located on the south side of Gunung Kidul offers views of high cliffs, boisterous waves crashing against cliff walls, and of course spots to relax and take pictures to share on your social media.

Variety of natural attractions in Surabaya
Visiting East Java, the vehicle is driven through the thick trees on the right and left and feels so cool. The Mount Bromo area still presents a feeling of relief with the desert stretching as far as the eye can see.

Further south, there is an exotic destination in Lumajang called Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. Located about 160 km from downtown Surabaya, this destination offers majestic waterfall formations lined up in the middle of the jungle, bursting far down, presenting views that are not only refreshing to the eyes but also soothing to the soul. [sources/photo special]