INDONESIA Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno stated that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is committed to running programs that are right on target, useful, and timely for the industry as well as tourism and creative economy players. The Ministry of Tourism will accelerate policies that favor tourism and creative actors through independent and collaborative programs and National Economic Recovery (NER).

Among them are the Restructuring of Banking Obligations, the Business Credit Guarantee Program, for both Small, Medium Enterprises and large businesses or corporations, the People’s Business Credit program. Meanwhile, for micro individual businesses, the government has provided the Presidential Assistance for Micro Enterprises program.

The government also launched a program to help with business operational expenses through relaxation of electricity costs and also taxation for affected workers and communities. The government has also provided pre-employment and social assistance programs.

In the tourism sector and the creative economy, itself Tourism Ministry has submitted to the Ministry of Finance and specifically prepared the National Economic Recovery (NER) program with a budget ceiling of IDR2.4 trillion. The NER program is run through a number of programs, namely: Proud of Traveling in Indonesia, Proud Made in Indonesia, CHSE Certification for Tourism Businesses, NER Film, hotel accommodation support for health workers, as well as Government Assistance for Tourism Businesses.

The Ministry of Tourism encourages tourism actors to take advantage of the programs that have been prepared in order to create new opportunities, increase their capacity and competence, and prepare better tourist attractions.

“We will ensure the accuracy of the program’s targets and accountability,” Sandiaga Uno concluded. []