THE INDONESIA’S Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy through the Deputy for Strategic Policy launched two books entitled Outlook on Tourism and the Creative Economy of Indonesia and Tourism Industry Trends 2021.

The Outlook on Tourism and the Creative Economy of Indonesia, presents a portrait of the tourism industry during 2020, and is strengthened by data on each tourism destination and creative economy sub-sector.

Then, the 2021 Tourism Industry Trends book, discusses how business players in the hotel, restaurant, tourist transportation, tourist attractions, MICE, and travel agents’ sectors are able to stay alive and develop in line with the ever-changing supply and demand.

According to the Deputy for Strategic Policy at the Tourism Ministry, Kurleni Ukar, at the Indonesia Tourism and Creative Industry Forum, which was held online, in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/21), said the COVID-19 pandemic had changed the landscape of the tourism industry and the creative economy, as well as consumer behavior. which adjusts to the conditions of adaptation to new habits, or often also referred to as the new normal.

Furthermore, said Kurleni, that in the midst of a pandemic, industry players are required to be able to guarantee the health dimension and of course this will change systemic procedural standards. Likewise, the habits of consumers will determine how the industry will reshape itself during the pandemic. Of course, this requires capable adaptability, both by tourism activists and the creative economy.

“Therefore, in the spirit of innovation, adaptation, and collaboration, we in the field of strategic policy have collaborated with stakeholders to produce two books that were released today. I hope this book can inspire and become a reference in formulating a mix of policies and strategies going forward,” Kurleni said.

On this occasion, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, hoped that the book Oulook Tourism and Creative Economy Indonesia and Tourism Industry Trends 2021 could be a response and answer to changes in the tourism industry and creative economy ecosystems. which currently carries the values ​​of quality and sustainable tourism.

“The two books are the result of in-depth research and carried out collaboratively between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy by embracing relevant stakeholders. Hopefully this book can provide a guide and motivation for industry players,” he said.

In addition, the tourism minister invites all parties to move together to make 2021 a momentum for the recovery of the creative tourism sector, in the context of restarting, reforming, and rebounding, even though the world is currently facing a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) situation. where everything is uncertain and full of uncertainty.

“I invite all people to be able to take opportunities, to rise in difficult times, to win against COVID-19, together yes we can do it,” he concluded. [ special]