THE INDONESIA Game Developer Exchange (IGDX) 2021 event was held again with a series of activities including the IGDX Academy, IGDX Business, and the IGDX Conference as an effort to increase the capacity of domestic game industry players and encourage the local game industry to go global.

According to the Director General of Informatics Applications, Semuel A. Pangerapan in his statement, Wednesday (7/28), said a number of preparatory steps were taken. This is a concrete step to support the implementation of the Indonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX) event which was first held in 2019.

“An event that aims to facilitate the meeting of global game industry players with the local game industry. Besides being a means of improving the quality of human resources for the homeland game industry and a showcase for the work of the domestic game industry,” said Semuel.

He explained that during the IGDX event in 2019, 66.1% of them were professionals. Meanwhile, the second highest number of participants were students, as many as 16.1%. This means that interest in IGDX is combined between industry players and human resources who are interested in entering the game industry. IGDX is also a space for good network expansion for these parties.

“Therefore, the Ministry of Communication and Information is collaborating with the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) to hold IGDX again in 2021 by combining offline and online activities or hybridly on a larger scale and a more varied series of activities,” he noted.

This year, he continued that the IGDX event will be held in the October-November 2021 timeframe including the IGDX Academy, IGDX Business, and the IGDX Conference. I also hope that the implementation of IGDX 2021 can be a meeting place for companies and global game industry players to share knowledge with local game industry players. It is also hoped that with more series of activities and a larger scale of implementation, it will be able to provide more positive impacts for the domestic game industry.

Furthermore, the President of the Indonesian Game Association, Cipto Adiguno said that the Indonesian game industry was grateful for the initiation of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics through the Directorat General Aptika which continues to encourage this program to be implemented and carried out according to the targets and objectives that have been set.

According to him, with the existence of the IGDX Academy, and I hope there will be intensive mentoring for advanced and intermediate level game developers so that they can develop their abilities better, especially in product and business development.

Meanwhile, the acting Director of the Ministry of Communication and Information Digital Economy, Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Adhiarna, M. Eng added that in 2021 this event will be held again on a larger scale with the hope of a bigger impact for Indonesian game industry players. IGDX is expected to become the largest gaming industry forum in Southeast Asia.

“I invite local game industry players to make good use of the opportunities in the IGDX event. Registration for IGDX Academy will be open until August 2, 2021 through the website I also hope that this event can be effective in encouraging and knitting the local game industry ecosystem, as well as being able to produce a roadmap for the local game industry that is more conducive, creative, and innovative,” Nyoman remarked.

Likewise, the Chairman of the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) Cipto Adiguna said, as a digital industry that is not limited by geographical position, competition in the game industry is very tight because it directly deals with large industries on a global scale.

“Seeing this, IGDX occupies a unique and crucial position in the Indonesian game industry. By specifically targeting professional players, and not beginners or amateurs, IGDX raises the upper limit on the ability of local developers to be more able to compete globally,” concluded Cipto Adiguna. []