HOTELS around the Mandalika circuit to Kuta Beach are certain to be fully booked during the World Superbike event in November. Star hotels such as Pullman Hotel, Novotel Kuta, and Raja Hotel Kuta have been ordered by Dorna as the organizer of MotoGP.

According to General Manager of Raja Hotel, Muhamad Ikhsan, Friday (9/17) said that 200 rooms of Raja Hotel will be fully occupied during the activity. During the meeting with Dorna and ITDC, it is certain that the hotels around the beach will be fully occupied. Our 200-room hotel has also been booked, as well as other star hotels.

“The five-star hotel on the edge of Kuta Beach has only been operating for 3 months and has expressed its readiness to welcome World Superbike activities. We are currently in the stage of offering a price to Dorna, the exact price is still uncertain because it is still in the submission stage,” said Ikhsan.

He added, World Superbike is predicted to require more than 2,000 hotel rooms for both racers, organizers and spectators. In addition to star hotels, jasmine inns to homestays will be filled during the World Superbike.

“During World Superbike, the length of guest stay at the hotel is predicted to start from 2 days to 10 days for guests who need a longer stay. For the event itself, guests stay 2 to 3 days, the longer one can be up to 10 days,” Ikhsan noted.

He explained that the Raja Hotel occupancy since operating 3 months ago is 10 to 20% by relying on local tourists or agency events. We are currently still testing with group guests and local tourists, so that when our World Superbike is ready. [ special]