GLOBAL tire company Hankook Tire collaborated with YASE to release environmentally friendly shoes made from recycled tires as a manifestation of Hankook’s dedication to making the earth more beautiful.

YASE is a leather shoe manufacturer from Korea since 2013. Hankook Tire and YASE started the ‘ZERO – LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND’ project as a commitment to using environmentally friendly materials and preserving nature. Because environmental sustainability is an important part and main agenda of Hankook, this global tire company always makes recycling their annual agenda. Given that the basic material of shoe soles is rubber, Hankook collaborated with YASE because this shoe manufacturer also has the same vision in reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Hankook chose footwear products to be a form of collaboration because tires and shoes have something in common in terms of mobility and everyday tread. Tires and shoes also protect users from various hazards in traveling tough and stable.

This cross-industry collaboration also gives more meaning that shoes are a basic need that cannot be separated from human activities. This opportunity provides an opportunity for the MZ generation who have never ridden to use Hankook Tire products.

Not only shoes, the packaging is also designed to be environmentally friendly. Shoe boxes, labels and pamphlets are all 100% made from sugarcane fiber. Hankook hopes that this effort will be well received by those who are aware of the environment.

Hankook has long been a leader in ‘future innovated, innovation realized’ innovation. Hankook aims to realize the future envisioned by customers through state-of-the-art technology and R&D investments that ensure breakthroughs are achieved. This is not the first time Hankook Tire has collaborated across industries with shoe manufacturers.

Hankook worked closely with Vibram, a premium shoe sole manufacturer in 2015 to develop a tire and shoe concept that shows that Hankook is passionate about challenges and has an innovative DNA.

According to Jimmy Kwon, Vice President Brand Lab of Hankook Tire, “We are happy to announce that this collaboration paved the way for both companies to be inspired to make advanced innovations. It’s great when we can help customers choose shoes that have a positive impact on the environment.

“We are also happy when Hankook tires that have finished their life turn into shoe soles that many people wear wherever they go, such as comfort while driving. Shoes made from used tires not only have a positive impact but are also durable and tough because the tires produced by Hankook are made of high-quality materials and supported by the latest technology,” he said.

There are five products introduced through this collaboration: four dress shoes (for semi-formal and formal styles) and one insole shoe. The stylish shoe lineup consists of Chelsea boots, square toe Chelsea boots, Derby shoes and square toe Derby shoes. All shoes are marketed online in Korea. Hankook Tire also plans to continue the collaboration with YASE to release running shoes in October. []