SANGIRAN Tourism Village which is located in Krikilan Village, Sragen Regency, Central Java is included in the Sangiran cultural heritage area and has been designated as a World Culture Heritage by UNESCO in 1996. This village is an archaeological site on the island of Java which is considered important by the world, because of its fossils. Early humans are found here.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in Krikilan Village, Sragen Regency, Central Java, Saturday (10/9) said Sangiran Tourism Village is world class, because there is a site that has been recognized by UNESCO as a site that is 1.8 years old. million years. This is the oldest site, and it shows that our civilization is high civilization, and it is fitting that we are optimistic that this nation will become a great nation.

“Sangiran Tourism Village is a pioneering tourism village that is only two years old. He hopes that this village can become an independent village in the future, which has the availability and access to sufficient basic services, adequate infrastructure, accessibility/transportation that is not difficult, good public services, and very good governance,” he said.

Sandiaga explained, so, the Sangiran Tourism Village is interestingly a pioneering tourism village, only two years ago it was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that this village will rise from a pioneer, become developed, become advanced, and then become an independent village.

Sangiran tourism village has a lot of tourism potential that can be enjoyed by tourists. Among them, Pablengan saltwater tourism, a salt spring source that is more than 2 million years old. Formed from the shifting of the earth and volcanic eruptions, which made Sangiran, which was a deep sea, finally become land.

Then, there is Punden Tingkir, which is a relic of the past that is believed by the community to be a legacy of Joko Tingkir, because of the Joko Tingkir petilasan inside. The place, now also has some interesting photo spots.

The potential of Sangiran Tourism Village is increasingly complete with cultural tourism, which has the Sangiran Ancient Human Museum. In this museum, there is a lot of information about the existence of ancient Javanese humans and ancient animals found in Java.

Tourists can also enjoy a variety of arts in this Sangiran Tourism Village, such as Gamelan Renteng, a 1-century old gamelan that is still used today. The Sukowati Gate Dance contains an invitation message to Sragen residents to participate in building Sragen Regency. Until, the Bubak Crater Dance, the tradition of parents releasing their children is illustrated by the household furniture that is carried up.

As for creative economy products, this tourist village has culinary products such as market snacks, lontong satay, yellow sego, bancaan sego, ge dar pecel, srintil porridge, to ancient coffee. Craft products in the form of bamboo crafts, lurik stones, stone crafts, agate stones, sangir stones, and ancient axes.

“I saw the extraordinary potential of this Sangiran Tourism Village, because there were educational tours, history-based tours, culture-based tours, and what I was surprised was stopped by my friends who were initiating a 25 km race at night to Solo, In my opinion, the potential is extraordinary. But what really touched me the most were the products of the creative economy,” he concluded. []