THE INDONESIAN Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno said the technological approach had a major influence in reviving the tourism industry that was affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The technological approach is very helpful for the tourism industry in the midst of the pandemic impact that has hit the industry, especially in the hotel sector, where occupancy has drastically decreased,” said the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, quoted from a press release, Thursday (10/21).

However, Minister Sandiaga reminded, the tourism industry must move back through the protocol from Cleanlines, Health, Safety, and Environment (CHSE) which has become the standard to ensure tourism services have the best health protocol standards.

Furthermore, Minister Sandiaga said that his party saw optimism for the recovery of tourism which continued to improve, in line with the increasing vaccination rate. This good change can be supported by adapting technology to synergies between parties.

“The main key for tourism and creative economy players to survive in the midst of a pandemic is to have good adaptability, innovation, and collaboration in utilizing technology,” he stated.

“In addition, the integration between the tourism sector and the health sector is also an inseparable element of this recovery effort,” he added.

Menparekraf explained, the pandemic brought a number of changes in tourist behavior that were also felt by the Indonesian tourism industry players.

Some of them are domestic travel preferences, integration of digital-based tourism and health services, and staycations with unique accommodation experiences are increasingly becoming trends.

In addition, tourists are increasingly aware of several aspects that previously had not been a concern before the pandemic, so that rapid adaptation to changes and acceleration of tourism digitization are key in dealing with these changes.

“It is hoped that (tourism players) will continue to bring various innovations to support the return of the glory of Indonesian tourism after the pandemic, and can move the economy and open up the widest possible employment opportunities,” he concluded. []