THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy is holding the ‘Road to Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) Conference & International Events 2022’ at the Bali Nusa Convention Center (BNDCC), on November 25-26 2021, in an effort to accelerate the revival of the MICE industry and Indonesian events.

Road to AVPN Conference & International Events 2022 is an activity to welcome the AVPN Global Conference 2022 which is planned to be held on 21-24 June 2022 in Bali.

The event is one of the international events that Indonesia has won in the international bidding events program facilitated by the Ministry of Tourism.

According to the Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers of the Ministry of Tourism, Rizki Handayani, explaining the ‘Road to AVPN Conference & International Events 2022’ will carry the theme ‘Creative, Agile and Adaptive to The New Paradigm of Tourism and Creative Economy’, and will be implemented in a hybrid manner with the implementation of strict health protocols (CHSE) which will be attended by 120 participants (offline) and 1,000 participants (online).

“By hosting a number of international activities, hopefully 2022 will be a momentum for the revival of the MICE industry and events in Indonesia. And the ‘Road to AVPN Conference & International Events’ activity is an effort to accelerate that revival,” said Rizki Handayani.

There are several interesting themes discussed in the ‘Road to AVPN Conference & International Events 2022’. Among them were the themes that discussed how to ‘Access Philanthropic Financing for Creative Economy Players’ by presenting the Deputy for Industry and Investment of the Ministry of Tourism, Fadjar Hutomo, Kumpul.ID CEO & Co-Founder Faye Wongso, and Director of AVPN Indonesia Dini Indrawati Septiani.

Then there was a theme that discussed ‘Business Tourism Outlook and Special Interests in the Adaptation Period to New Habits’ which presented GainingEdge Executive Chairman Gary Grimmer, and Indonesia MICE Outlook which featured a number of national MICE figures such as ASPERAPI Chairman Hosea Andreas Runkat, ASTINDO General Chair Pauline Suharno, and Chairwoman of the ICCA Committee Indonesia Raty Ning.

There were also sessions discussing ‘The Future of Event Ecosystem & The MICE Industry’, ‘Event Planner Sport Tourism’, to topics that discussed ‘The Mega Shifting of Customer Behavior Post COVID-19.

“The series of themes are presented to broaden horizons and prepare MICE stakeholders when holding international events so that they can re-engage the contribution of the tourism industry and the creative economy to the national economy during the adaptation period of new habits,” said Kiki.

AVPN was founded in 2011 by Doug Miller. After forming the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) in 2004, Doug Miller created a similar network in Asia to facilitate funders and resources to collaborate and make change.

In a span of 10 years, AVPN has managed to reach over 600 members. AVPN is the only platform in Asia that caters to the entire spectrum of social investors. []