THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy hopes that the holding of the ‘Road to Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) Conference & International Events 2022’ at the Bali Nusa Convention Center (BNDCC), on November 25-26 2021, will be able to revive international confidence in conducting Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) in Indonesia.

According to the Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers of Tourism Ministry, Rizki Handayani, when opening the Road to AVPN Conference & International Events 2022, in Bali, Thursday (11/25) explained this activity in order to welcome the 2022 AVPN Conference and preparing for international events so that they are able to move the economy again, especially in the tourism sector and the creative economy, especially during the adaptation period of new habits by implementing health protocols.

“I’m both goosebumps and touched, because the MICE event is back in Bali since the recent pandemic. This activity was also held as a preparation for 2022, which hopefully will run smoothly and Indonesia will return to health, so that the implementation of international events such as the G20 including the AVPN meeting can be carried out. And we have regained the trust of the international community,” she said.

Rizki Handayani said, Indonesia is struggling to get through the pandemic, and this year has seen a return to recovery in the tourism & creative economy sectors. In terms of tourism, it has been reopened to domestic tourists and the passion has started to show again. The airport has started to get crowded, the planes are full, the occupancy hotels are back up, and tourist destinations are starting to be crowded with tourists.

“Especially for Ministries and Institutions MICE activities that we will continue to encourage are held in Bali. Many events have also started in Bali by implementing health protocols. One of the efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to generate recovery efforts is the development of quality tourism. With the development of quality tourism, it is expected that acceptance can be higher because MICE is included in the main agenda of the Tourism Ministry. Moreover, at the Ministry, there is already a MICE director, so it is hoped that MICE in Indonesia will be boosted again,” she remarked.

The Tourism Ministry hopes that by cooperating with AVPN, it can build a network that connects all stakeholders. This network will become a ‘hub’ that connects all parties to seek partnerships, sources of financing. Through this AVPN, it is also expected to increase the growth of the creative tourism sector by increasing the tourism sector actors who get access to philanthropic financing. The Tourism Ministry recognizes the important role of Philanthropy as a source of non-banking financing for tourism and creative industry actors.

“Increasing access to philanthropic financing in the creative and creative sector will contribute to social impact, while also providing opportunities for funders, practitioners, and experts to interact and collaborate across sectors. We know that in 2022, Indonesia will host prestigious international events including the G20 2022, GPDRR, and the APEC tourism working group. This is an opportunity for the tourism sector to regain the trust of the international community,” Rizki stated.

Through this activity, Rizki continued, it is hoped that the tourism industry and the creative economy will be able to swiftly adapt to the new paradigm, then more and more corporate meetings will be held in Indonesia.

“So that it can be directed to Indonesian tourist destinations with incentive programs, gastronomy, ecotourism, heritage tourism, and others,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Director of MICE Tourism Ministry, Masruroh said, the concept of this activity is plenary and breakout season with a target of 120 offline participants and presenting 1,000 people online which is divided into several breakout seasons. Participants consisted of ICCN members, tourism and creative economy business actors, local governments, and the media with a total of 31 speakers.

“By hosting a number of international activities, hopefully 2022 will be a momentum for the revival of the MICE industry and events in Indonesia. And the ‘Road to AVPN Conference & International Events’ activity is an effort to accelerate that revival,” he concluded. []