SELAYAR Islands is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has amazing marine tourism potential. The expanse of blue sea and white sand is easy to find in this island district in South Sulawesi. The Selayar Islands Regency Culture and Tourism Office will also develop 10 marine tourism potentials by prioritizing local wisdom.

“The ten tourist destinations have their own uniqueness which is very suitable for diving, snorkeling, swimming or fishing,” said Head of Marketing for the Culture and Tourism Office of the Selayar Islands Regency, Sri Nurnaningsih, Tuesday (1/11).

The ten marine tourism destinations are Takabonerate, Bahuluang Island, Pasi Gusung Area, Baloiya Beach, Punagaan Beach, Pinang Beach, Bonetappalang Beach, Pa’badilang Beach, Tamamelong Beach and Karang Indah.

Takabonerate, for example, offers a stunning marine excursion in its marine park. This marine park is located between a group of coral islands or atolls, so it’s no wonder the underwater scenery there is very special.

Bahuluang Island is no less interesting. The island is a broken coral that is carried by currents and forms a small land in the ocean. There, tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural panorama with clusters of rocks and white sand.

Secretary of the Selayar Islands Regency Culture and Tourism Office, Dewi Marwiyah, said that apart from maritime potential, the district has cultural, traditional, historical and tourist village potentials that are no less interesting to visit. “After adapting to the new normal, tourist destinations will be promoted again to be visited again while still paying attention to health protocols,” he said.

By re-activating the Selayar Islands tourist destination, Dewi said, it is hoped that it will help accelerate the economic recovery, after at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourist destinations were closed. [ special]