NATURE TOURISM is a mainstay destination that can be used as an option to relieve fatigue and mental stress for people who live in urban areas. You can find some locations that keep this hidden paradise in Likupang, North Minahasa district, North Sulawesi.

To get to Likupang, tourists can fly from the domestic airport to Sam Ratulangi International Airport, Manado, and continue with a 1.5-hour road trip (about 48 kilometers) to arrive in East Likupang.

Likupang itself has been declared as one of the 5 Super Priority Destinations by the Government of Indonesia. Therefore, you should not miss this tourist location and can add Likupang to the holiday planning bucket list when the PPKM level has dropped.

Here are four recommendations for nature tourism in Likupang:

1. Bukit Larata, Kinunang Beach, and Mount Dua Basudara
Bukit Larata is located at the end of Kinunang Village or before the entrance to Kinunang Beach. This hill keeps the beauty of the view of the savanna hills with meadows. At the top of Bukit Larata, tourists can see the expanse of the sea with Mount Dua Basudara towering in the distance.

Meanwhile, to reach Kinunang Beach, tourists only need to walk about 15 minutes from the top of Bukit Larata. The position of this beach is parallel to Pal Beach, so that tourists can at the same time enjoy the view of the sea water with gradations of turquoise blue.

To enter Bukit Larata and Kinunang Beach, tourists are charged IDR40,000 per car and IDR20,000 per motorbike.

2. Lihaga Island
Lihaga Island is covered with various kinds of vegetation, from shrubs to tropical trees. At the back of the island, tourists can enjoy a natural beach with a botanical garden atmosphere.

On this island, there are also various facilities, ranging from lodging, prayer rooms, outdoor meeting halls for organizing events, canoe rental facilities, to buoys.

To get to this location, tourists can travel for 15 minutes from Serai Harbor in Serai Village, West Likupang. Boat rental costs start from IDR500,000 for 6 passengers to IDR800,000 for 20 passengers.

3. Pulisan Beach
One of the uniqueness of Pulisan Beach is the number of souvenir shops and souvenir centers.

For those who want to go on an excursion with the family, a small gazebo is available to relax at a rental price of IDR150,000. Tourists can also visit Panjang Beach which has different characteristics and nuances from Pulisan Beach with a travel time of about 3-5 minutes.

4. Mangrove River in Sarawet Village
One of the uniqueness of mangrove river tourism is the richness of flora, there are 15 types of mangroves that grow along Sarawet Village.

On this river, tourists can do river excursions by riding traditional boats driven by paddles with a rental price of only IDR50.000 per person for a desired duration.

During the downhill tour, tourists will find an iconic mangrove tree on the edge of the river which is hung with flashy red ribbons. This mangrove is called the Praying Tree. According to local beliefs, people who say prayers on this tree are said to be granted. [antaranews/photo special]