PT GARUDA Indonesia Tbk, is steadfast in its commitment to bridge the gap in air accessibility needs, supporting the mobility of various organizations to optimize their potential and make a positive contribution to the nation. 

This commitment is represented by Garuda Indonesia through the exploration of a “Corporate Account” partnership with the Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) Global. Through the “Corporate Account” program, Garuda Indonesia offers various conveniences and added values such as a 20% discount on flight tickets, priority reservation, dedicated check-in counter, dedicated PIC sales, and an additional 5 kg baggage allowance for group travel.

These facilities are designed to support the needs of all members, administrators, and stakeholders of IDN Global. Garuda Indonesia’s CEO, Irfan Setiaputra, stated that the exploration of a partnership with IDN Global is a continuous initiative of the company as a national flag carrier to contribute to supporting the country’s ambassadors on the international stage who play a significant role in expanding Indonesia’s potential globally.

“We believe that this cooperation is closely related to the shared commitment that Garuda Indonesia and IDN Global will focus not only on building the country’s image and strengthening the nation’s identity on a global forum, but also on making the best contribution to Indonesia’s development when returning to the homeland,” he said in an official statement through recently.

Irfan continued, Garuda Indonesia’s commitment is based on the fact that the diaspora is both human capital and social capital that is strategic for Indonesia in supporting the progress of the Indonesian Nation. Garuda Indonesia proactively implements this initiative to support the strengthening of the diaspora network and capabilities.

He believes that the collaboration with IDN Global is a right step for both IDN Global and Garuda Indonesia, which have a spirit to increase the competitive advantage of the Indonesian Nation at the global level in various societal sectors, including economic, social, and cultural, through the Indonesian diaspora network.

The Indonesian diaspora is a potential market segment for development. In 2023, the Indonesian Government recorded at least 6 million diasporas scattered around the world, and this number is expected to increase in 2024.

Through this cooperation, it is hoped that Garuda Indonesia can contribute positively in supporting the activities of the Indonesian diaspora in various countries through the availability of an extensive flight network, especially in friendly countries with a high diaspora population such as Malaysia and Hong Kong, which are directly served by the airline.

In addition, through this partnership exploration, Garuda Indonesia and IDN Global will continue to maximize collaboration aspects by opening potential cooperation in cargo services, logistics, charter, ancillary, and marketing fields, as well as cooperation with the Garuda Indonesia Group to support the needs of IDN Global.

“We hope this collaboration can make a real contribution in enhancing the image and introducing the potential of the Indonesian Nation in the global economic game in the future, so that its positive impact can be directly felt through the improvement of living standards and the upgrading of various societal aspects,” Irfan concluded. [ special]