THE CURRENT era of globalization allows us to be more familiar with various cultures and trends that exist in other countries, one of which is a variety of culinary delights that are booming or interesting to try from various countries, such as Kaya toast from Singapore.

One of the well-known outlets that serves kaya toast as its flagship menu is Ya Kun Kaya Toast. This simple yet delicious dish always manages to excite the taste buds of healthy snack lovers. Contains a handful of crispy toast combined with a special soft jam filling, perfect for eating in the morning or evening.

According to Nanang Krismanto as Operational Manager of Ya Kun Kaya Toast, said Kaya toast is one of the comfort foods for many people because it is practical and has a taste that is accepted by various groups. In addition, people’s penchant for Kaya toast often also makes Kaya toast a dish for breakfast.

“Ya Kun Kaya Toast presents toast with quality raw materials so that it has an original, delicious, and definitely filling texture. Not only that, we are also working with ShopeePay to provide special offers of 100% cashback for every transaction with ShopeePay at dozens of our outlets,” he said.

Nanang Krismanto continued, apart from being delicious, the Kaya toast snack also has some unique facts and benefits that may not be widely known. Not only filling, but also beneficial for the body. In addition to filling your empty stomach, Kaya toast made from whole wheat bread and special Kaya jam preparations can of course also meet the daily nutritional intake needed by the body.

“Toast contains good starch to increase your energy every day and can provide enough carbohydrates and sugar for you. In addition, rich jam also contains a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals from pandan leaves which are useful to complement daily nutritional needs. You don’t need to be afraid of getting weak quickly because breakfast is delicious and full of nutrients, such as Kaya toast, enough to provide energy until noon,” said Nanang.

Kaya Toast does not come from srikaya fruit
Even though the name is ‘Kaya’, it turns out that the jam from Kaya toast doesn’t come from srikaya fruit, you know. Ya Kun Kaya Toast revealed that jam Kaya toast is actually made from a combination of coconut milk, pandan leaves and eggs which are processed into delicious soft jam. That’s the reason why Ya Kun Kaya Toast’s jam is so fragrant.

These ingredients also provide a combination of savory and sweet that melts in the mouth. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with kaya toast, you can also try the traditional kaya toast menu from Ya Kun Kaya to try out the authentic taste of this famous Kaya toast.

Not only coffee, rich toast is suitable to be enjoyed in various ways
The delicious taste of rich toast can be a suitable companion to be enjoyed in a variety of ways. For those of you who like tea or coffee in the afternoon, Kaya toast is the right companion snack to complete your free time. Apart from being eaten with coffee or tea, Kaya toast is often served with half-boiled eggs which can add texture and nutritional value to the Kaya toast itself.

Perfect for a morning or afternoon snack
No doubt about it, Kaya toast is one of those snacks that is quite filling but not too heavy, so it’s perfect for a morning meal or an afternoon snack. Kaya toast can be eaten easily and quickly so it’s perfect for those of you who are in a hurry in the morning. In the late afternoon, Kaya toast is perfect to eat because the portion is enough to delay hunger before dinner time.

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