WHO HAS never experienced a burn out condition? Although generally this condition is triggered by work-related situations, in fact other aspects of life can also trigger burn out. Starting from household matters, relationships, to self-development can even make you bored and burn out.

To get around this condition, self-indulgence or self-reward is often a quick solution. However, pampering the brain is also important to do, you know. The reason is, brain health and a person’s mental condition have a mutually sustainable relationship, as Daniel Amen wrote in his book Change Your Brain: Change Your Life (Revised and Expanded).

Coach Pris, CEO of Stress Management Indonesia said, at Stress Management Indonesia, we understand that a person’s mental condition, including burn out, has a close relationship with his brain health. To answer the mental health challenges that exist in society, we present programs that are strategically structured and targeting goals according to patient needs.

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Let’s take care of brain health and avoid feeling burn out through the following steps:

Find happiness around
Before you get dissolved in the burning feeling that is hitting you, it’s a good idea to look for happiness around you. No need to rack your brain, you can start from doing hobbies that used to bring you happiness. Or maybe get out of the house for a while to take a walk and get some fresh air.

Furthermore, you can also take part in the 30 Days Happiness Challenge program from Stress Management Indonesia. Through this program, you will be provided with the secrets of happiness from a neuroscience point of view that can be applied to your daily life.

Build a meditation routine
Through meditation activities, the brain will be trained to rest so that it can help you reduce stress from feeling burn out. At the same time, this activity can also help you train your focus and emotional processing.

To start this routine, you can try various methods until you find the one that works best for you and benefits you. It is enough to spend ten minutes every day, surely gradually you will get used to meditating. After you get smarter, extend the duration of meditation so that your brain is more trained.

Apply mindfulness in everyday life
One of the causes of feelings of burn out is a monotonous situation. This can make you bored so that the days are lived on auto-pilot so that the days are lived in a hurry and without rest.

Cultivate a mindful mindset or full awareness of what you feel, do, or the circumstances that are happening around you. Through mindfulness, you will learn to focus on what is in front of you so that your mind feels calm. Also apply this mindset when you choose the daily meal menu. Because after all, good nutrition will nourish your brain too.

Explore your potential through reflection on values ​​and life goals
When we are experiencing burnout, we often feel lost. So, it’s time to pause and reflect on your values ​​and purpose in life. Start by exploring the things and activities you enjoy.

You can try programs from Stress Management Indonesia such as Self Discovery to find out your potential strengths as an individual, or BASIC Brain Discovery to find out what type of brain you have that reflects your potential. After rediscovering yourself that had lost your way, hopefully the burn out will quickly disappear, and you will be excited again in living the day.

Those are four tips for burn out solutions by maintaining brain health. If needed, seek professional help and avoid self-diagnosing, OK! Get information about brain health with Stress Management Indonesia, which offers programs such as the 30 Days Happiness Challenge, Basic Brain Discovery, mind control meditation classes, and other programs.

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