THE MINISTER of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, spoke about the abolition of the PCR test requirement for foreign travelers (PPLN) who will enter Indonesia (RI).

Budi said at the Changi Aviation Summit (CAS) 2022 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore, Tuesday (5/17) that this regulation would have an impact on increasing the number of airplane passengers from abroad.

“A number of countries welcome the Indonesian government’s decision. This is because the regulation will make it easier for PPLN to enter Indonesia and increase the number of tourists. Yesterday, friends, I heard the expectations of several countries for yourself, how come, it’s only you (Indonesia) who hasn’t (revoked the PCR requirement). Now, we will prove it,” Budi told reporters in Singapore, Wednesday (5/18).

He remarked that as soon as the President announced it, I immediately forwarded it to my friends from Malaysia and Singapore, they really enjoyed that what I said in a major seminar was immediately proven by the President Jokowi.

He added that the abolition of the PCR requirement could increase the movement of people into the country. And Novie Riyanto, Acting Director General of Civil Aviation is ready for an extraordinary movement to occur. The previously enforced mandatory PCR requirements left people with uncertainty.

“For example, people today can be uncertain. They stay here can go home or not. Luckily, the Director General a few minutes ago had issued a circular letter. This means that later when friends are traveling it is no longer valid, yes, PCR,” he stated.

He called it an advance for the relationship. In addition, it will also increase the level of tourist visits to Indonesia.

“Tourism will boom, it will be good. Flights from Spore say 10 flights to Bali a day. If 1 flight 200 (plane) already 2000 (person) a day. If he stays 5 days, there are 10 thousand. There are 20 hotels full of tourists. This is important for Bali because Bali is an indicator for us,” said Budi.

He explained that Jakarta doesn’t have to talk, even though there is a PCR, it’s still full. On the one hand, this brake slips a bit, but we can’t just take it easy. Sanitizer, temperature control is still done.

PPLNs who have not been fully vaccinated can still enter the Republic of Indonesia. Here are the full rules:

(1) Indonesian citizens of PPLN who have not received the vaccine will be vaccinated at the entry point for overseas travel after the RT-PCR examination on arrival with negative results or at the quarantine place after the second RT-PCR examination with negative results is carried out;

(2) PPLN foreigners who have not received the vaccine will be vaccinated at the entry point for overseas travel after an RT-PCR examination on arrival with a negative result or at a quarantine place after a second RT-PCR examination with a negative result is carried out, with the following conditions:

(a) 6 – 17 years old; (b) Holders of diplomatic residence permits and official residence permits; and/or, (c) Holders of a limited stay permit card (KITAS) and a permanent residence permit card (KITAP). [sources/photo special]