COFFEE is now increasingly popular with Indonesian people. How come? The development of increasingly innovative coffee drinks and the number of coffee shops that come with unique concepts make people more comfortable spending their time accompanied by a glass of their favorite coffee.

In addition to being part of a lifestyle, drinking coffee can indeed be a mood booster and help you to be more excited when carrying out activities. However, you still have to pay attention to some aspects of your coffee drinking routine so as not to harm your health. That way, you can still enjoy coffee without worrying that it will have a harmful impact on your health.

According to Abdul Azis, General Manager of Anomali Coffee said, now drinking coffee is no longer a necessity, but a trend that is popular among the younger generation. The reason coffee is getting more and more popular is none other than because of its properties that can help coffee lovers to stay productive in the midst of a hectic job. Seeing the people’s love for coffee, Anomali Coffee is here to provide a wide selection of premium quality coffee.

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Avoid drinking coffee after waking up
Not a few people who still consume coffee right after waking up from sleep. This they do with the aim that the body is quickly awake for activities. But in fact, drinking coffee after waking up is not recommended because it can affect health. Drinking coffee after waking up can increase cortisol levels in the body which will result in increased stress and anxiety.

Instead of wanting to be excited about the day, you will actually feel restless when starting the day. Instead, drink enough water after waking up, and give a gap of about one to two hours if you want to drink coffee. That way, the role of caffeine in your body will work optimally and you can carry out activities while staying awake.

Choose quality coffee beans
Quality coffee beans will certainly produce a delicious coffee taste. Do not just choose, coffee beans with good quality have a distinctive aroma and color and perfect physique. Now, access to quality coffee is very easy, one of which is Anomali Coffee which provides a variety of the best coffee beans from all over the archipelago.

At Anomali Coffee, you can taste the pleasures of a glass of the best local coffee, such as Toraja Sapan coffee beans, Bali Ulian, Sumatra Kerinci, Bali Kintamani, Aceh Gayo, Toraja Mialo, Sumatra Dolok Sanggul, mongoose, to black pearl. Each coffee bean has its own taste that you can choose according to taste.

Know the right amount of coffee
Drinking coffee must also be in the right dose. Excessive caffeine intake can reduce its overall benefits and cause side effects that can harm the body. To avoid this, experts recommend consuming no more than 1.1 mg of caffeine per pound (2.5 mg per kg) of body weight per day. If you want something easy, you can also buy your favorite coffee at Anomali Coffee online or come directly to the nearest Anomali Coffee outlet.

The coffee offered is also varied and has been measured with the right amount of coffee, including cappuccino, latte, black coffee, palm sugar milk coffee, to manual brew from Indonesian coffee beans that you can choose according to your taste to accompany you to stay awake during your activities.

Reduce the use of sugar
Coffee is a healthy drink if you don’t add too much sugar. Sugar is synonymous with serious diseases such as obesity and diabetes, so reducing the use of sugar is highly recommended when drinking coffee. In fact, the character and taste of each coffee will also be dominated by the sweet taste if using too much sugar. For those of you who are not used to drinking coffee without sugar, you can still enjoy the authentic taste of coffee by reducing the sugar content in your coffee gradually. However, if you still need sugar as a sweetener for your coffee, another alternative is to replace sugar with a natural stevia sweetener.

Well, those are the four ways to enjoy coffee that is good for health for your coffee lovers. From now on, improve your coffee drinking habits so that your love of coffee doesn’t have unwanted side effects. Drinking coffee is now even more economical because Anomali Coffee is collaborating with ShopeePay during the ShopeePay Day and Shopee Mantul Sale campaigns which will last until May 27 in presenting cashback vouchers of up to 100% if you transact directly at Anomali Coffee outlets. So, what are you waiting for? Come on, enjoy your coffee in a healthier way with Anomali Coffee! []