THE RECENT uncertain weather has forced us to adapt from various aspects, one of which is choosing clothes and daily accessories. Especially for those of you who have high mobility because they have to move from one place to another.

So that activities are not hampered, in a season like this we should prepare ourselves from home such as by bringing an umbrella or raincoat, to wearing comfortable and non-slippery shoes. But apparently, besides these things, there are also, you know, dress tricks that can make it easier for us to do activities and move easily and comfortably.

According to Angel Lukito, Brand Manager of Exsport said, Exsport is here as a bag accessory brand that supports people to stay active and comfortably face various weather and situations. By using nylon material because it is light and strong, Exsport completes the production process with a coating treatment that makes it more water-resistant (water repellent) and dries quickly when exposed to water, making it suitable for various activities in various weather conditions.

“We are also committed to presenting a variety of products that are multifunctional, long lasting, and also stylish. It’s even more exciting, until May 27, Exsport participates in the ShopeePay Day and Shopee Mantul Sale campaigns so that customers can save even more through cashback vouchers of up to 100%,” she said.

Check out these four Exsport-style outfit tricks to keep your outdoor activities safe and comfortable in all weathers:

Wear clothes with lightweight and waterproof materials
Clothing made of light weight can make it easier for you to move and move comfortably regardless of the changing weather. By choosing the right material, you can avoid a bad mood due to weather that can make us feel damp or even wet due to erratic weather.

Especially in anticipating rainy weather, it is important for those of you who bring items such as tabs, laptops, to important documents to choose waterproof bag accessories too. To be even more secure, use an Exsport Rain Cover bag with a variety of color choices so you don’t have to worry about getting your things wet.

Choose a bag with a lot of cargo
School and office need sometimes require us to bring a variety of items to live a comfortable and productive day. Starting from electronic products, notebooks, drinking bottles, to jackets and umbrellas. For that, choose a bag made of light weight that can contain a variety of daily necessities. So, you no longer need to bother yourself by carrying additional bags for these items.

Several choices of stylish bags with many color options from Exsport can be your answer, such as Exsport Day To Day Mini Rucksack, Exsport X Phantasien, Exsport Reround Mini Sling Bag, to Exsport Weekender Rucksack. In addition to making your activities and travel more practical, you are also more stylish.

Adjust the use of accessories for comfortable mobility
For those of you who often commute, you should reduce the use of accessories that are prone to falling or breaking such as necklaces and bracelets. This is done so that your trip remains safe and smooth. Instead of using these accessories, you can choose accessories that can give you comfort while you have to mobilize outdoors.

For example, a bucket hat for a comfortable walk and protected from the hot sun, or a water bottle case so you can easily access drinking water without having to carry it or put it in a bag. You can use products from Exsport, namely the Bring It Bottle Case or Carry All Mini Sling Bag to stay hydrated during the trip.

Prepare a change of clothes as a backup
Last but not least, bring a change of clothes as a preventive measure when the weather is uncertain. This change of clothes is very useful when the weather is hot and makes you sweat or when the weather is cloudy to rainy.

Arriving at your destination, you can change clothes so that the mood is maintained and you can be productive again. In addition to a change of clothes, don’t forget to bring an umbrella, raincoat, or poncho which will definitely be a lifesaver when it rains. You can take advantage of the poncho collection from Exsport, namely the Exsport X Phantasien Poncho which is stylish and practical to carry everywhere.

Those are four dress tricks so you can still move around in times of uncertain weather. In addition to the products above, find various collections and outfit inspirations from Exsport on the Exsport Instagram page. More profitable, visit the nearest Exsport outlet and enjoy cashback up to 100% using the ShopeePay payment method until May 27 from the ShopeePay Day and Shopee Mantul Sale campaigns.

It’s easy, you just access the Shopee application and select the ShopeePay Around you service, then select the available Cashback Voucher. What are you waiting for? Have fun and be careful on the road, Ok! [ special]