THE POTENTIAL for Indonesia’s metaverse is huge, but it must be worked out carefully so as not to get caught up in momentary euphoria.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno was present as a speaker at the Asia Tech Singapore (ATxSG) 2022 event which was held at the Ritz Carlton Singapore, Tuesday (5/31) explaining the latest issues of the digital economy including discussing the Metaverse where Indonesia has great potential. incredible with 600,000 digital talents per year.

“And there is a potential of 30 million MSMEs and an economic contribution that is predicted to reach US$150 billion in 2025. Indonesia has tremendous potential and this is a business opportunity for us to be able to increase financing and business activities so that it can open up new job opportunities and one of them is in the Metaverse space,” said Sandiaga Uno.

Minister Sandiaga considers Metaverse as a digital opportunity where the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is in the stage of creating Wonderverse Indonesia for 5 super priority destinations. Currently, Wonderverse is still in beta stage and it is hoped that within the next three months it will be completed and launched until it is mapped on the Metaverse site.

“I see that many countries in the world are looking at Indonesia because of the innovation aspect, including quick adaptation and ability to collaborate. Moreover, because our identity is mutual cooperation, so this is what we can raise in the future by of course working with all parties, “said Sandiaga.

Even though the potential is great, Sandiaga Uno reminds all parties to be more careful because there is an aspect of euphoria as is the case with the crypto phenomenon. According to the Menparekraf, in the future, the potential of Metaverse should really be seen in the efforts to improve the people’s welfare and open up job opportunities for the community.

“If we are all euphoric, like yesterday’s crypto, where there was a layoff, this could also happen in Metaverse. We must remind each other, be careful but remain optimistic, that must be the point that we must underline,” he concluded. []