THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy is targeting 1.5 million quality foreign tourists with high spending levels and a long visiting period to travel in Bali, as an effort to stimulate the economy and create job opportunities on the Island of the Gods.

According to Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno after opening the Working Meeting of the Bali Regional Tourism Promotion Board, at the Bank Indonesia Office, Denpasar, Bali, Monday (6/20) night explained that in the midst of this challenging economic recovery and the threat of a food crisis and In the midst of an energy crisis in the midst of a society that is under pressure during the pandemic, the economic revival in Bali is a priority for the government.

“We have synchronized or synchronized several promotional plans going forward. Because Bali is still the top of mind for foreign tourists, with the new economic era through digital marketing and so on, it is necessary to innovate in our promotion patterns. So our steps are to harmonize in the midst of a declining promotion budget, but we must use the entrepreneurial spirit more. Our entrepreneurial spirit for Bali can again get a tourist target of 1.5 million this year,” he said.

Sandiaga explained, there are several approaches to achieve this target. Namely by organizing various international class events. Of course, we can achieve this with the approaches that are part of our program, such as sports tourism, Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions (MICE), and international events and tourist villages. The target of foreign tourists is 1.5 million.

“The target for domestic tourists is 7 million with a total of almost 9 million. Targeting quality tourists with a longer length of stay and spending more tourists in Bali,” he remarked.

Sandiaga added, the G20 Summit event in Bali is also expected to increase the length of stay for delegates and have an impact on Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) players who receive direct benefits. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy coordinated around 400 MSMEs in 40 hotels during the G20 Summit.

“This event opens up wide job opportunities and business opportunities, such as AVPN, which we just kicked off, even though ticket prices are expensive, but because the event attracts many tourists, and also the location of the event in Bali which has an attraction for tourists,” he noted.

“I am quite grateful, astungkara, the stretching is already there, South Bali has also been seen. For North Bali and West Bali, we will have a Genting Dreams cruise event leaning there. The ecotourism conference will be held in the West Bali National Park,” he concluded. []