THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy welcomes the launch of the Smart Tourism and Infrastructure Hospitality application which provides complete information about tourism and the creative economy in Malang, from tourist destinations to culinary delights.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, while attending the launch of “Smart Tourism & Infrastructure Hospitality” in Malang, Wednesday (6/29), said Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is one of the pillars of assessment in the Travel and Tourism Development Index (TTDI) where in the 2021 assessment, Indonesia was ranked 32 in the world, up 8 places from the previous position (rank 40).

“Smart tourism and infrastructure hospitality are part of the pentahelix collaboration to bring improvements in one of the tourism indicators. And this is a step that I appreciate. Smart tourism and infrastructure hospitality can advance ICT, so that (it is hoped) it can create 1.1 million new jobs this year,” said Minister Sandiaga.

Sandiaga also assessed that the existence of smart tours and hospitality infrastructure could help increase the income of creative tourism players. This is because technology is able to open up so many job opportunities.

“Hopefully all stakeholders in the tourism and creative economy sectors can continue to strive to move quickly following the rapid development of technology to help restore tourism and the creative economy in Indonesia after the COVID-19 pandemic,” he remarked.

He pointed out  that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the tourism industry worldwide, including Indonesia. So that it has an impact on the direction of tourism development which is now shifting from mass tourism to quality tourism.

“Quality tourism does not only answer how good tourism quality standards can be realized and developed, but how quality tourism is able to integrate tourism elements, such as attractiveness, accessibility, amenities, governance, activities, services, as well as security and health guarantees for tourists,” he noted.

Sandiaga continued that not only that, demographic changes, technological advances, and changes in consumer behavior are also shaping a new direction for the tourism industry. One of them is digitalization. The digital tourism trend is a big leap for the tourism sector and the creative economy in Indonesia.

“Tourists are also starting to shift towards digital. This can be seen from the activities of tourists who start planning trips, pre-on-post journeys, almost entirely done digitally. Therefore, smart tourism and infrastructure hospitality are important in the current era,” he concluded. []