EVIDENTLY that the island of Bali has become a favorite destination for foreign tourists from Russia, with a preference for quality vacations.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in the Weeky Press Briefing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy which was held hybrid, Monday (7/05) revealed that tourists from Russia before the COVID-19 pandemic were in the fourth place with the most visits to the Island of the Gods, with a total of 300,000. up to 400,000 tourists per year.

“As for the range of January 1 to May 31, 2022, foreign tourists from Russia are also included in the top 10 most visits to Bali. The majority of Russians know Bali and make it their favorite. Furthermore, almost 90% of Russians know Bali and place the Island of the Gods as their main tourist destination,” he said.

Sandiaga added, this is because Russian tourists are interested and curious about beach activities. This is because they live in landlocked areas, where the north is too cold and the south too far.

“For the holiday preferences of Russian tourists, they usually choose trips with luxurious facilities, so they are of high quality. For Russian tourists’ vacation preferences, they choose to travel with luxury (luxury) facilities with their families, so usually they (bring) family groups when traveling, including to Bali,” he remarked.

He concluded that the time of their visit was long and their spending was also quite large. [sources/photo special]