RANCH Market introduces Pasarina by Ranch Market, a brand which is the first local premium supermarket in Indonesia that adapts the metaverse brand with a unique and different concept.

Technology plays a role in improving the consumer shopping experience. For example, digital interaction using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology with Computer Vision which is able to provide an understanding of 3-dimensional locations, providing user coordinates, as well as 3-dimensional laser scanning technology to scan locations in 3 dimensions.

Pasarina by Ranch Market, which is currently located in Sarinah, also has a Guidebot virtual assistant who will guide visitors to find out the best location and promotion of the desired product through the help of robots with Augmented Reality technology.

Visitors can search for product positions with the ‘search’ function without having to wait for store employees. There are currently 10 main destinations for Guidebot to function and will expand to include all in-store categories.

Visitors can scan a QR Code which will guide visitors to interactive product information via Augmented Reality. There is also Gamification which provides an interesting new shopping process in the digital world with games or through the use of Virtual Reality so that visitors can enjoy a ‘shopping while playing’ experience. Everything can be tried through the TRUST Live application.

“Find high-quality local Indonesian products in nuances of Indonesian culture and noble traditions combined with technology,” said Chief of Merchandising and Marketing Officer PT Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk, Maria Suwarni.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Sarinah, Fetty Kwartati said that the concept of the first metaverse supermarket in Indonesia by Pasarina reaffirmed Sarinah as the first modern shopping center in Indonesia. This innovation is called according to Sarinah, which also adapts to changing times, so that it is relevant to various generations.

“The products presented at this supermarket are quality local products in the form of fresh produce and curated seafood from all over the archipelago. Superior local products from various regions in this supermarket will be side by side with selected imported products. Some examples of local products displayed are various leaf teas, soy sauce, spices, and herbs,” Fetty concluded. [antaranews/photo special]