VIDEO conferencing platform Zoom will soon launch a feature to support hybrid work, namely Workspace Reservation or workplace reservation.

“Workspace Reservation expands Zoom’s already extensive hybrid work offering, and helps ensure employees have access to the devices they need for work that day,” said Jeff Smith, product manager and head of Zoom Rooms and Whiteboard. 7/14).

This feature was created to help companies organize and make the most of their offices. Employees can reserve a desk in their office through Workspace Reservation and see who is planning to enter the office on the specified day.

To use this service, office administrators must upload, among other things, maps of the office, seating and meeting rooms to the Zoom system. After that, employees can reserve a room or work desk. The employee can determine whether he or she will work a full day or only for a few hours.

The Workspace Reservation feature will be available via the Zoom app on mobile and desktop or a QR code posted on a company website. Zoom plans to roll out this feature at the end of July.

Based on a survey conducted by Zoom and Momentive, it was revealed that 55% of remote workers prefer a hybrid way of working, a mix of in-person and online work. The survey also shows that 53% of employees want to come to the office to meet new clients and 58% to participate in office activities. [antaranews/photo special]