SUP BUNTUT (Oxtail Soup) and Sup Iga (Ribs Soup), yummy…. Hearing the name alone, we can already imagine the taste. Although, without a standardization certification label, the taste of the standard for oxtail soup becomes a long, detailed discussion and invites debate. Taste, really spoils your tongue, for taste there are only two choices, delicious and delicious!

According to Jeffrey Wibisono, GM of Hotel Java Lotus Jember, said for fans of oxtail soup, or ribs who want to learn to become oxtail soup lovers, please visit Jember. There is oxtail soup and rib soup, which is a matter of taste, which is the winner.

He reminded that please make it a mandatory menu – must eat – when you stop by, have activities and stay overnight in Jember. A hidden Gem said those who are curious and are trying it for the first time.

“The reason is that Java Lotus Hotel keeps this mandatory menu and has not been announced to the public, but already has repeater guest customers who either stay overnight or just come to enjoy the preparations of the Java Lotus Hotel Culinary Kitchen Team,” he said.

Jeffrey added as for the kitchen that upholds the concept of a kitchen that “nguripi” (preserves) the environment and culture of Pandhalungan Jember. From agricultural cultivation land to healthy snacks at the dinner table, while still doing charity.

So, what makes the Oxtail Soup and Ribs Soup at the KOE Restaurant so popular for the guests of the Java Lotus Hotel? Generally in Indonesia, we don’t want to bother choosing food from the menu book in restaurants or room service; spontaneous choices are fried rice, fried noodles, orange juice and oxtail soup!

Meanwhile, according to Arif, Chef de Cuisine, said the holder of the secret recipe, the seasoning for oxtail soup is basically the same. At Java Lotus, we added Jember’s favorite spices, ginger and cinnamon. Now, the rib soup is different with the addition of very Indonesian spices, cloves, bungalawang and cardamom. A little lead to the Arabian taste, yes.

“And one more thing that is very important, namely Sop Buntut and Sop Iga Java Lotus, the process of which is simmering (boiling over low heat) for five (5) hours. While the Culinary Team is innovating and completing other work,” said Arif.

Well, with a capital sangu (snack money) IDR100.000,- there is still change, even though it’s a hotel class oxtail soup and rib soup. Connoisseurs of original or fried oxtail soup? The Java Lotus Culinary Team is ready to serve Java Lotus-style Fried Oxtail Soup.

“Are you “hunter tail soup” and have been around Jember, the district government office center area? Please stop by,” Jeffery noted.

For those who have never been to Jember, this destination can be reached by taking the KAI Jakarta-Banyuwangi train with a stop at Jember Station with the JR code. Hopefully, Jember’s Notohadinegoro airport will be operated again soon.

So that it gets an additional mode of transportation for tourists to and from Jember. Completing the presence of private vehicles, intercity buses, inter-provincial facilities including executive sleeperbus.

“Let’s plan, schedule also to Jember to enjoy the excitement of the Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) which will take to the streets in August,” Jeffrey concluded. []