TALKING about coffee, this drink has become a lifestyle for people in various parts of the world, not to mention the Indonesian people who almost enjoy coffee at every moment with various well-known processed options such as robusta or arabica.

According to Dicky Panjaitan, General Manager of ARTOTEL Thamrin-Jakarta, said the drink, which is believed to be a fighter against drowsiness, is made from coffee beans, which are very easy to find in various beverage shops, from street vendors to coffee shops with a variety of contemporary coffee choices. Double Chin Restaurant & BAR Comes with the latest coffee offerings with the theme ‘The Coffee Rituals’.

This promo offers a variety of coffee menu choices that are tailored to the tastes of each customer, including:
The Standard: Types of coffee choices with a choice of basic coffee preparations with three variant menus, namely: Cappuccino, Latte and Americano set at IDR42,000++/glass.

The Ready To Go: For guests who are active with high mobility, this option is perfect for those who can be taken anywhere by offering two menu variants: Latte and Americano. For this take away option, the price is IDR35,000++/bottle.

The Non Dairy: This coffee option is perfect for those who have a healthy lifestyle but can still enjoy coffee with very low fat or no milk, The caffeine less can be obtained at a price of IDR45,000 ++/glass.

The Kool Kids: This processed option is suitable for young children to drink with a more varied taste. Almond Coffee and Avocado Coffee can be obtained at a price of IDR45,000++/glass.

The Executive: For this category are cocktail creations for coffee lovers for young executives who want to enjoy coffee but with a different touch but still with the basic ingredients of coffee in it. Peanut Butter can be ordered at a price of IDR100,000++/glass.

The Boozy: Similar to executives, the boozy is also a cocktail creation made with coffee, consisting of: Negroni Nusantara & Irish Coffee, priced at IDR100,000 ++/glass.

“With this increasingly positive business growing, we always see opportunities to provide these exciting innovations and offers to our guests, especially coffee lovers. This promo can be ordered and enjoyed every day from morning to night at Double Chin Restaurant – Lobby Level, ARTOTEL Thamrin, Jakarta,” he concluded. []