HEALTHY dishes made from natural ingredients do not have to be synonymous with bland taste. You can still enjoy healthy food with delicious taste. That is what Enatura restaurant promotes through “real food” dishes from a pesticide-free vegetable garden in Ciburuy village, Bogor.

Claimed to be free from MSG, artificial flavours, preservatives, chemical dyes and artificial sweeteners, this restaurant offers a variety of menus with Indonesian to western flavors.

“Our food concept is delicious and healthy food, we believe a healthy life depends on what we consume,” said Enatura founder Sarah Hutauruk in Jakarta.

The “green” nuance that is synonymous with healthy vegetables does not only appear on restaurant menus, but also restaurant decorations full of plants in various corners, plant-themed paintings and decorations, even staff uniforms that look refreshing to the eye.

The appetizer menu served is a snack in the form of purple sweet potato and fried Cilembu sweet potato which is crunchy, but not greasy. The softness of the sweet potato blends with the crunchy outside. The sweet taste immediately filled the oral cavity. It tastes richer and more savory when dipped in honey mustard sauce as a companion.

The next menu is cauliflower soup made from cauliflower, fresh milk and homemade chicken stock. This soup tastes sweet but still light in the mouth. More complete when dipped with warm vegetable dumplings.

The taste of Mexico comes through the Fiesta Taco & Corn Salsa Salmon Salad menu which is made from a mixture of lettuce and kale. Unlike other salads whose dressings are usually made of mayonnaise and olive oil, this salad tastes fresher because it is made from yogurt, sour cream and jalapeno which gives a slightly spicy surprise.

Tender chunks of salmon complete this salad. Before being mixed with dressing, this salad looks like it has a fairly large portion. But the vegetables in this large bowl will be a little “deflated” after mixing with the fresh dressing.

Still not full? You can try the beef bbq sandwich sourdough bread, a filling sandwich consisting of sourdough bread which is quite chewy in texture. The inside is filled with vegetables such as sliced ​​tomatoes, as well as tenderloin beef full of spices that goes well with the bread, as well as three sauces that make the taste even more delicious.

This sandwich is smeared with savory barbecue sauce, tzatziki sauce and cranberry sauce in the middle which gives a sour but fresh sensation. If you want bread with a softer texture, sourdough can be replaced with multigrain supplied from an artisan bakery.

This restaurant also serves rice dishes, one of which is Mexican Rice with Mexican Chicken Sambal Roja. This orange rice dish is seasoned with Mexican flavors from an enchilada sauce made of tomatoes, oregano and cumin, topped with chopped peppers, beans and sweetcorn.

This seasoned rice is even better when enjoyed with Mexican-style marinated chicken pieces with a slightly spicy chili roja. The fresh salad served on the side of the plate adds a richer texture to this dish when chewed.

For drinks, you can taste Spring Love juice which looks exactly like carrot juice. This one vegetable is indeed one of the main ingredients of juice, but there are other additions that will surprise the tongue. This juice is made from carrots, apples, lemons, honey, ginger and red chilies. The aroma and taste is dominantly ginger, but not too spicy thanks to the sweetness of carrots, apples and honey.

Lunch with a healthy meal closed with Fruity Chia Pudding, basil seed pudding soaked in soy milk, mixed with mix berries compote, a mixture of strawberries, blueberries cooked with cinnamon. The top is decorated with pieces of fresh fruit.

In addition to serving a variety of dishes and drinks, this restaurant also sells natural foods that can be prepared at home, such as organic rice, vegetable noodles and natural sea salt.

“By ensuring the source of food and serving it directly to consumers of the highest quality, we hope to help people who want to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle more easily,” concluded Sarah. [antaranews]