IN THIS day and age, the Digital nomad visa is one of the fantastic trends that many countries are giving away. With the Digital Nomad Visa, many people with manageable jobs from anywhere in the world can now move to another country in no time. Also, with this visa, one can work with startups or small businesses in these countries.

Here are 10 beautiful countries that offer Digital Nomad Visas:
Those who wish to work in Germany as digital nomads can apply for a German Freelance Visa. Yes, that’s the digital nomadic visa in Germany. This visa will allow you to work with start-ups, small businesses and individuals on a contract basis.

2. Greece
With the Digital Nomad Visa, citizens of any third party country (non-EU, EEA and Switzerland), can live and work in Greece as a remote worker for up to one year, and can apply for an extension if desired. If someone wants to stay longer, they can also apply for a Digital Nomad Stay Permit.

3. Iceland
In Iceland, this is called the Icelandic Remote Worker visa, and was introduced in October 2020. This visa is also a temporary residence permit. The visa, however, does not allow you to find work in Iceland, for which there is a separate work visa.

4. Indonesia
The Digital Nomad Visa will allow you to stay in Indonesia for up to five years. Not only that; remote workers will also remain tax-free. Bali sounds very close now, doesn’t it?

5. Mauritius
The Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa or Mauritius Premium Travel Visa allows you to live and work remotely from this beautiful island nation for one year, after which it can be extended. Visa also allows you to enter multiple times. If you stay in Mauritius for more than six months, you automatically become a tax-paying resident.

6. Portugal
In Portugal it is called a D7 Passive Income visa. To be eligible for this visa, you must provide proof of sufficient income and its source. The visa allows you to stay for one year and if you wish, you can extend it for another two years. You can extend for up to only two years at a time.

7. Bahamas
For the Bahamas, it is the Bahamas Digital Nomad Visa, and is valid for one year. To get this visa, you just need to show that you are a digital nomad and can support yourself financially in the country. With a visa, you will be able to work in this country remotely.

8. Norway
The Svalbard Digital Nomad Visa is probably the largest ever. Visa is valid for life. If that’s not great, then what is? Although to apply for a visa, you must meet certain criteria as a freelancer. Please note, you have to show proof to be able to support yourself in Norway

9. Spain
The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa will allow foreign workers working with non-Spanish companies, freelancers and basically anyone who can work remotely. Once you have a visa and are in Spain, you must apply for a residence permit within 30 days of staying in Spain. However, it is not final yet but once it materializes it will be valid for one year, after which it can be renewed for two years at a time.

10. Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic, this is called a Freelance Visa or Zivno Visa. This visa is suitable for freelancers and is valid for one year. You can extend it for another two years if you want. However, to get a visa, one needs to show that you intend to stay more than three months. [sources/photo special]