ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta in collaboration with ARTPHERE Gallery presents a solo art exhibition with the theme “Panorama Dalam Diam” or Panorama in Silent. This art exhibition will be opened to the public from 29 July to 4 September 2022 at ARTSPACE ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta.

ARTSPHERE Gallery is a special place for artists or creators to develop their works of art, either through collaborations or other art events. In this exhibition, ARTSPHERE Gallery invites one of Indonesia’s most talented artists whose contribution is unquestionable with his solo exhibition, namely Wayan Yusa Dirgantara.

According to Windi Solomon, ART Director of ARTOTEL Group, said seeing the current condition that is getting better, we are again holding an art exhibition which was stopped due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Furthermore, we will hold art exhibitions, which are typical activities of the ARTOTEL Group, regularly at ARTSPACE ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta and other properties under the ARTOTEL & ARTOTEL Suites brand in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Bali.

“We hope that this solo exhibition as a result of collaboration with ARTSPHERE Gallery can provide a new nuance for contemporary art lovers and become one of the activities that can revive Indonesia’s contemporary art industry after the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Windi.

Meanwhile, Maya Sujatmiko as the founder of Artsphere Gallery said that artsphere is very grateful to Artotel for its cooperation in supporting art exhibition activities. This collaboration exhibition features young artist Wayan Yusa Dirgantara entitled ‘Panorama Dalam Diam’. Hopefully this collaboration can be sustainable and successful,

Wayan Yusa Dirgantara is a man from Bali who really likes his place to live, which is surrounded by beautiful panoramas from both the community side and the different life experiences in his neighborhood in the southern Bali area. As one of the tourist destinations, Bali for Yusa saw the experience of how migrants from various regions and countries came to visit to enjoy the beauty of nature and beaches in Bali.

This is clearly recorded in memory or memory from childhood to adulthood. Departing from the idea of ​​a final project for one study, this man who graduated from ISI Yogyakarta poured the memories or memories on canvas.

Rearranging memories is not an easy thing either. Yusa is his familiar greeting, thinks critically to remember with limited memory that is not intact and even blurs about what happened in the past until now. One of the experiences in the work that was cast was, when Yusa returned to Bali during the pandemic and saw a different phenomenon with a deserted beach without tourists and without other entertainment activities. []