LIDAH  LOKAL is a restaurant that serves Indonesian food located on the lobby floor of the ARTOTEL Sanur Hotel, Bali. Indonesian specialties with authentic flavors and contemporary presentation. Various Indonesian specialties such as fried rice, taliwang chicken, chicken satay, grilled ribs, oxtail soup and many more.

According to Agus Ade Surya Wirawan, GM of ARTOTEL Sanur, Bali said Lidah Lokal restaurant comes with a new limited menu promo until August 31, 2022 with the theme “All Wrapped Up”. The menu is Nasi Bakar Teri and Lumpia Semarang at affordable prices of IDR35,000.

“In order to celebrate World Rum Day 2022, beside the food, Lidah Lokal Restaurant and Bart Sanur also present drinks promos with rum as ingredients-based for only IDR 100,000 such as: (1). Rum Old Fashioned Light rum, fernetbranca, coconut syrup, aromatic bitter, (2). Dirty Pearl Dark rum, black currant liqueur, sweet vermouth,” he said.

He explained also we can serve with: (3). Mule Island Gold rum, tepache, white chocolate syrup, thyme, lime juice, topped with ginger beer foam, (4). Pesisir Wave Light rum, gold rum, pineapple juice, tepache, passion fruit puree, simple syrup, coconut, (5).          Fall in Paradise Light rum, gold rum, pineapple juice, raspberry jam, lime juice, egg white, simple syrup.

“With the improvement of the current Balinese condition, we take advantage of this opportunity to create new breakthroughs such as new food and drink menus and offer attractive promos to guests who stay overnight and guests outside the hotel. This promo can be ordered and enjoy every day from 11 AM until the evening at Lidah Lokal restaurant and Bart Sanur, Bali,” he concluded. []