EVIDENTLY that after the COVID-19 pandemic, people from the younger generation trend to look for vacation spots that are close to home, so that also causes Indonesian tourist destinations to become the current favorite choice.

Domestic tourist destinations are still the prima donna among the younger generation for vacations.

According to the Senior Public Relations Manager of, Sandra Darmosumarto said domestic tourist destinations are still the prima donna among the younger generation for vacations.

“Because of the pandemic, people like holidays close to their homes. More people do staycations, there used to be a trend for the term Work From Bali that is still happening today. Even after this pandemic, Bali is still a favorite tourist destination for the millennial generation,” said Sandra.

Apart from Bali, she continued, other cities that are observed to have increased visits for tourism and vacations are Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Belitung. Then if we talk about the five super priority tourism destinations prepared by the government, apparently two of them are quite the top choices.

The two super priority tourism destinations (DPSP) that are the most visited by tourists from the younger generation are Mandalika and Labuan Bajo.

“In tourist spots, this young generation is not only on vacation, but also takes the time to do their hobbies. For example, cycling to meditating,” Sandra noted.

Furthermore, thanks to the massive use of social media that has succeeded in revealing new tourist locations, there has also been an increase in several new tourist destinations, such as in tourist villages in the Mandalika area during the Mandalika MotoGP moment.

Tourist villages can finally be increasingly recognized by the wider community and become an alternative choice in providing a memorable holiday experience.

Meanwhile, TikTok Indonesia’s Public Policy and Government Relations, Agung Pamungkas also said that the TikTok application also saw that people in the country, especially the younger generation, often create unique tourism content, such as revealing “hidden gems”.

Thus, it is not surprising that in the end many new tourist destinations in Indonesia were revealed and eventually became the people’s choice for a vacation.

“So when it comes to tourism content, in addition to typical culinary recommendations, content creators also often share new travel recommendations, which we know as ‘hidden gems’. So with these recommendations, people have more choices and are happy with tourism in Indonesia,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]