IN AN effort to combat the issue of global climate change, a national company engaged in the tourism sector, Plataran, through the Plataran for the Earth: Carbon Offsetting Program, collaborates with a start-up provider of AI and IoT-based solutions, Jejakin, to launch the Carbon Footprint Calculator (CFC) application.

Carbon Footprint Calculator launches on the Plataran website which is directly connected to the Jejakin application. With the application, tourists and guests can calculate the carbon footprint they produce for tourism activities.

According to Yozua Makes as CEO & Founder of Plataran Indonesia said the emission footprints can be directly converted into a number of mangrove trunks which will be planted in Plataran Menjangan, West Bali National Park, Plataran Komodo, and Plataran Bromo.

Thus, the application makes it easier for tourists to participate in sustainable projects to help protect the earth through the contribution of tree planting.

“Integrating three things, namely credibility, socialization, and collaboration in efforts to develop ecotourism and sustainable conservation of the Indonesian environment, Plataran is fully committed to involving guests to be part of the progress of ecotourism and the continuation of a good environment.” Yozua Makes said.

Meanwhile, CEO & Founder of Jejakin Arfan Arlanda said that his party was very proud to be working with Plataran to carry out socialization of carbon footprint calculations through the Carbon Footprint Calculator. He also hopes to be able to move to the next phase in order to preserve the environment.

“The next phase is to balance carbon, such as having a tree planting program, substitution with renewable energy, and the next trend that we must continue to develop together,” he said.

For information, the collaboration between Plataran and Jejakin was also carried out in commemoration of the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia with the theme “Recovering My Nature, Rising My Nation”. The theme is a combination of the government’s official theme, “Recover Faster, Rise Stronger”, with one of Plataran Indonesia’s genetic elements, namely ecotourism-based tourism.

“Coinciding with Independence Day, at the City Forest by Plataran, the collaboration was symbolically inaugurated by planting trees. Previously, 77 tree seedlings, including Eucalyptus Rainbow, Golden Trumpet, and Ketapang Biola trees had been planted in all Plataran Indonesia business units from Jakarta, Borobudur, Bromo, Bali, and Komodo, with a total estimated carbon absorption from the seeds reaching 1,200 kilograms per tree per year,” Yozua Makes remarked.

He added that the carbon offsetting effort has been carried out by Plataran since the fourth quarter of 2021, where for every guest staying at the Plataran resort or holding an event at the Plataran restaurant, one tree is automatically planted in the Plataran Menjangan nature conservation area, West Bali National Park.

In addition to collaborating with Jejakin, on August 17, 2022 Plataran also introduced Legenda Equator, a hub that aims to educate and bring together tourists, service providers, and the ecotourism community. [sources/photo special]