FOR MANY people, to be able to own and run their own business is a proud achievement and not a few Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) players have succeeded in channeling their expertise or interest in a field into a source of livelihood.

The rapid development of technology also supports many MSME players to reach more and more customers outside the scope of their residence. Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki noted that as of May 2022, the number of MSMEs that have entered the digital ecosystem has reached 19 million and the government is targeting as many as 30 million MSMEs to enter the digital ecosystem by 2030.

However, to continue to survive and grow, MSME players must be careful in choosing the services used for their business operations.

In response to this, Tommy Teja, a content creator in the field of entrepreneurship with ShopeePay, invites MSME players to prioritize customer satisfaction and further optimize their business operations so that they can recover and rise from the impact of the pandemic situation by using the Free Transfer service from ShopeePay. This is also in line with the theme of the Republic of Indonesia Anniversary this year which carries the spirit of “Recover Faster, Rise Stronger”.

Tommy explained that the potential of MSME players in Indonesia is huge, especially those who are just starting an online business and selling through social media channels. There are so many MSME players who present various products with new and innovative ideas. This will be even better if it is supported by the use of the right features for MSME businesses, such as the ShopeePay Transfer feature which provides various benefits and conveniences, both for customers and business players themselves.”

Tommy shared three reasons why the Free Transfer service from ShopeePay is a suitable service for use by any MSME players in Indonesia.

In business, it is commonplace to make every effort to maximize profits. So that MSME players who tend to still sell through social media can increase customer satisfaction, consider using the Transfer To Anywhere service from ShopeePay to free customers from admin fees when transacting via the transfer method.

“This Free Transfer Service is also very suitable to be informed to customers who want to complete their payment by making a transfer. Because this service helps users to be independent from transfer fees, customer satisfaction will be guaranteed because they can transact more efficiently. In addition, MSME players can also use this feature to make various vendor payments without having to worry about extravagant expenses because they can make transfers without admin fees,” Tommy remarked.

For MSMEs, financial management is closely related to business progress and business financial performance. With the Free Transfer service from ShopeePay, in addition to reducing admin costs, MSME players can also transfer more freely to more vendors for various business needs. This can also make it easier for them to manage business finances better.

“One of the keys to the success of a business is careful operational planning. With the Free Transfer service from ShopeePay, business actors are freed from the limitations of enjoying transfer services without admin fees with a certain quota,” he said.

Tommy explained, with no daily quota to make transfers through ShopeePay, business players can direct their focus to other things and are freed from operational constraints in terms of making payments to vendors. They can freely make payments more conveniently and economically.

“Every MSME players must have many things that must be handled every day. Therefore, this feature is very suitable for use by MSME players because they do not have to worry about funds being sent to vendors or by customers to them. The ShopeePay balance sent via the Free Transfer service from ShopeePay will arrive immediately, so that payment confirmation can be done immediately,” Tommy noted.

He added that the convenience and benefits presented by the Free Transfer service from ShopeePay in the end have the potential to increase customer satisfaction because they can transact more efficiently. The satisfaction that arises from these various benefits and conveniences can create loyalty to your business, so customers will not hesitate to come back to transact with you for their next purchase.

Supporting MSME players who are more inclined to use social media for their business operations, ShopeePay offers transfer features and services for users for transfer needs to fellow ShopeePay users and to bank accounts free of admin fees. More profitable, users have the opportunity to get a bonus balance of millions of rupiah when making a transfer for the first time until August 21. []