CITILINK airline launched the BetterDeals 9.9 program with various attractive offers. Through this program, travelers can get a variety of attractive promos, one of which is discounted flight tickets.

According to President Director of Citilink, Dewa Kadek Rai, said that his party always strives to provide easy travel with various attractive offers.

“Citilink continues to strive to provide easy travel for customers by offering affordable prices with various interesting programs that can be enjoyed, so that people can return to travel by air transportation,” said Dewa as quoted from his official statement, Friday (9/9).

Dewa added that this program is also a form of airline commitment to support the recovery of national tourism. This is done as a form of Citilink’s commitment to support the acceleration of the recovery of the tourism industry and the national economy.

The Citilink BetterDeals 9.9 program provides various discounts on tickets to ancillary products with an order period starting today (9/9) until 13 September 2022.

Various interesting programs offered include ticket rebates of up to 20%, additional discounts of 205 for the purchase of Go Home (round-trip) tickets. and additional discounts of up to IDR1,000,000 with payment through partner banks.

During the program, Citilink also offers the best prices starting from IDR990,000 for round-trip trips abroad, through flash sales which take place from 11.00 to 13.00 WIB.

In addition to ticket discounts, Citilink also provides a 20% discount for regular seat purchases, a 30% redemption discount, a welcome bonus of 299 miles, Flash Sale Redemption LinkMiles non-air products starting from 9 miles, and various other interesting programs.

Dewa added that going forward, Citilink will provide various other interesting surprises as a form of the Company’s commitment to providing easy travel for customers.

Citilink’s BetterDeals 9.9 program can be enjoyed by customers who make transactions through Citilink’s official website, or Citilink’s betterFly mobile application by referring to the applicable terms and conditions. Further information about the BetterDeals 9.9 program can be accessed at [sources/photo special]