MALAYSIA has launched visas for digital nomads or digital nomads. The visa is billed as one of the most accessible schemes in the world. Malaysia’s new digital nomad scheme called the DE Rantau Nomad Pass is designed to attract workers who can work anywhere.

Currently, remote workers from certain countries can work in Malaysia for up to 90 days. But in the latest new rules, they could soon stay for up to two years. And, interestingly, this scheme has one important advantage that will make it accessible to many potential applications.

The scheme will be open to those earning just US$24 thousand (IDR360 million) per year, which makes it slightly more affordable than some other similar schemes. In Costa Rica, a similar visa requires workers to earn US$36 thousand (IDR540 million) per year.

Another requirement for DE Rantau Malaysia is that travelers must work full time or part time, either on a contract or as a freelancer and can show proof of work for three months. The scheme is primarily aimed at people working in the IT industry, but there is no actual limit on who can apply.

The initial digital nomad visa fee is 1,000 ringgits (IDR3.2 million). If you wish to bring any ‘dependents’ (spouse or children), each will incur an additional 500-ringgit Malaysian (IDR1.6 million) surcharge. Further details can be found on the website: [sources/photospecial]